Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all....and all a "good night" =)

Hello, people-- well, the few people that are actually reading this!!!

Happy Father's Day first off.  May all you have a wonderful day with your father and cherish the times you have with him. My parents are currently at church....without me :).  I chose to blog instead, i'm long overdue.  Just kidding. :)

I am SO, SO tired.  I've worked the last few days pretty long shifts at Gayle's and I have not had a lot of time for myself.  So I decided to go to the later service at my church instead of going to the uberrr early one.  I'm on call at 10 am for work, too, so i'm just waiting to call in to see if I have to work, which I probably do since it's Father's Day, and FD is SUPER busy at Gayle's.  So we'll just see if I have to work, I really hope I don't, but most likely I will.

Ok, so i'm keepin' this post short and simple since I have A LOT to do and while typing this, I just burnt two...yes, TWO pieces of Cinnamon- raisin swirl french toast (from Gayle's :).  BUMMER.  Quite disappointing, but I wanted to say a few things about my pops.....

I love my dad.  Through thick and thin, he's ALWAYS been there for me.  Through all my troubles and mishaps, he catches me and never let's me go.  His unconditional love never fails.

He's got a sense of humor like no other; always funny and bright.  He always knows how to make a person to laugh, but at the right times, appropriately.

I love you, dad.  Thanks for always being a graceful, loving, and compassionate dad.  

One more not, my dad ALWAYS corrected my papers and helped me with writing and grammar ever since I learned how to write in grade school.  He's the editor of the newspaper in my county, Santa Cruz, CA. It's called the Santa Cruz Sentinel.  Another factor i'm greatly thankful for-- His gift of being a very wise man.  He's taught me A LOT. 

Ok, on to the eats.  All this work has been taking quite a toll on me.  This is how i've been re-fueling lately.

Whole wheat wrap with avocado and goat cheese puree, spinach; almonds; zucchini fries a peach.

That lunch was AMAZING, by the way.  I put one small avocado and one piece of goat cheese (courtesy of TJs) in the food processor and wha-lah-- An amazing spread for a wrap!

Spinach with kidney beans, corn and bbq baked tempeh.  AMazing. 

Overnight oats (Courtesy of Broccoli Hut) with Honey Greek yogurt, 1/2 c. oats, cinn. vanilla and stevia, bloobs, and a banana; 1 piece of toast with one over- easy egg.

Another AMazing meal.  Greens with black beans, salsa, "sour cream" (Greek yogurt), avocado and blue corn chips; cherry tomatoes. YUM.

TJ's goodies.  I LOVE TJs :)

.....and a peak into my pantry, which I organized recently.  More to come about "my pantry" :)

Mmmm, SO good.  This was supposed to be a vegetarian chili, but it ended up being more like a thick curry.  So I just added a pita and some broccoli and dipped in :). It was yummy, even for being thick. Recipe to come....

I pulled out my GF and made a classic PB- banana sandwich with plain Mountain High yogurt on the side with berries and wheat germ.  YUmage.

I must go....gotta call work.  Have a wonderful day, everybody.  And if your out there, COMMENT.  Talk to you soon....

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  1. all your meals are so pretty :)
    please plase post your recipe- that curry looks amazing!
    congrats on your graduation and dont work too hard girl! enjoy your summer!
    also, your post about your dad is SOOO sweet....hes lucky as well to have you as his daughter!