Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I heart Costco

So this posts going to be a quickie--I'm SUPER tired and have to do the trash so here it goes....

The last couple days haven't been the most eventful, nothings new since Tuesday... there has been lots of "good eats"....but mainly lots of waking up early...aka, 7am (that's early for me!) due to my volunteering at the VBS kids bible camp I mentioned in my last post.   I haven't been there a lot, though, recently.  Not as much as I've wanted to be there.  Want to know why?  WORK.  Luckily, however, I only had to work two days this week.  But i've had a few appointments, too.  It's not fun to be taken away from VBS-- it's like a whole other "fun" world that only happens once a year at my church.  So today, I worked from 10-3:30...they let me go home early since it got slow.... then I was exhausted so I stayed in for the rest of the night (it goes from 9am to 5 pm).  

I didn't stay in ALL night-- My fam and I took our routinely trip to COSTCO :)  I'm not a HUGE fan of Costco-- their packaged produce sucks (most of it's from another country) along with a few other packaged goods-- but it's gotten a lot better!  They're starting to get a lot more organic and natural goods which I like :)  It makes me happy <3.  Throughout the year i've been noticing more and more organic goods, but more than even on my trip there tonight.  I think their trying to compete with Whole just won't happen as much as I love Costco :)  A few pics of the goods I found: 

I <3 Fage

Maybe it's just cuz' I live in Santa Cruz-- the land of hippy town-- but Costco's gotten A LOT better in the last few years.  What do you think-- Is your Costco getting more organic friendly foods?

Now on to the eats, i've got to hurry!  With little time, i've been managing to eat some yummy stuff in a flash....

"Sweet omelet" made with two eggs, vanilla, butter, organic PB, banana (in the inside) and LOTs of cinnamon; local strawberries (I picked um' myself)
Thank you, HEAB, I made the sweet omelet and it was DELISH!  No joke.  I ate the whole thing in a matter of seconds and licked the plate clean.  Mmmm.  Definitely recommend it!  PB inside an omelet it  the melts in your mouth :)

Spinach, avocado egg less salad; ak Maks; nectarine; almonds.
Sorry, the quality in this photo is terrible.  My apologies.  I took it from my camera phone and sent it to my email since i didn't have my camera on me.  Delish meal tho, as always.

Again, my apologies, same thing happened for dinner.  I didn't have my camera, so the quality is bad.

I made lentil loaf last night-- it was delish.  I brought it to work and warmed it up on my break.  Along with it I had zucchini and corn.  YUM.

Oat bran cooked in banana, cinna, and almond milk.  Topped with boysenberries and almonds.  On the side: 1 egg omelet with 1 piece of goat cheese and spinach; micro greens on top.
I got the camera back :)

BBQ (I heart Annie's) tofu sandwich with avocado and spinach; salad with beets and left over avocado and BBQ tofu; cherries

Mondo salad (from one of these nights) with local cherry tomatoes, corn, beets, leftover BBQ tofu, summer squash and Goddess Dressing; almonds

Leftover lentil loaf with organic ketchup; beets; summer squash; Creamy beet hummus; cherry tomatoes; whole wheat pita.  
This was the first time I made "creamy beet hummus"-- it was GREAT.  Thank you, Broccoli Hut.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for bfast this morning either.  But i got a glimpse of what a had.  It was a fab. meal, too.  That's too bad the quality isn't good, too.
I had a sweet potato with soy milk, Justin's organic honey peanut butter, cinnamon and a berry Spiru-Tein shake with unsweetened vanilla SpiruTein, strawbs, blueberries, almond milk and wheat germ.  Yum, yum, yum, yum!!!!  Highly recommend sweet potato, soy milk and PB-- it's the BEST

....I started making my lunch for tomorrow.  The rest of the creamy beet hummus, leftover lentil loaf (what's left!) and spinach in a whole wheat wrap.

Well, good night everybody.  I'm off to bed...actually to do the trash.  That's first.  I feel a cold coming on which i'm NOT looking forward to.... I HATE being sick.  Who doesn't though?  Eeks, we'll see.

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