Monday, June 21, 2010

Some people just DON'T get it!

Hello, hello, hello =)

Happy Monday, everybody!  I laugh as I say that....not because Monday's are odd or anything, although they are, but because I went from not blogging for a whole month and a half....which to some in the "blogging world" is non- blogging a day later.  I think i'm really starting to get the hang of this "blog" thing.  I'm starting to really like it.  I'm hoping that I'll get more viewers and comments, but i'm assured that it'll get there.  Some day.  It just takes time, that's all. =)

So, this week i'm doing VBS at my Church-- which is "Vacation Bible School", where we teach kids about God in a "FUN" kind of way =)  Many (i'm talking hundreds) of kids and volunteers participate in this fun filled- packed week.  Assemblies (skits, dances, songs), games, events, team time and more are put on for the kids.  The question always remains by the end of the week.... Who has more fun, the kids or adults (who volunteer)?  Haha.  I think the adults!!!!!!

My mom's craft director this year-- she plans on puts on all the crafts activities for the week along with other volunteers who help her.  I caught  her telling somebody about my blog this morning which kinda got me angry.  It went like this:

".....(Mom walking with a lady who's helping her with crafts) (To ME) So, did you take pictures of your lunch today?"

" Mmmmm, yes, why?  (I whisper, silently)  Do we have to talk about this right now?  Can you please not embarrass me in front of everybody?"

" She takes pictures of her meals, Judy. (To ME) I told Judy you have a blog and take pictures of your food.  I told her about the black bean and sweet potato dish you made last night."

They both start laughing....

"(Judy) That reminds me of the pioneer women.  Have you ever heard of her?  She did the same thing....

Why my mom does this I just can't comprehend.  I hope she's not going around telling everybodyyyy; she really embarrassed me today!  Like I said, some people just DON'T get it!  I second what I said above'll just take time. People will accept and get it...some day =)  Have you ever been in that circumstance?  It's not fun, not everybody is a foodie, there's little of us out there =)

Ok, now on to the food pics.  This is what has been keeping me going in the last day (or two):

Cinnamon- raisin- swirl french toast with PB and banana; almonds; Oats in a jar (OIAJ)...almond butta' jar =)

1/2 a' veggie sandwich from Gayle's-- Roasted red pepper and cashew spread, avocado, potato, and sprouts; zucchini fries on the GF (made with garlic salt and pepper); purple Kale; while nectarine.

The zucc', purple kale, micro green sprouts and nectarine are ALL from the farmer's market.  Whoo- whoo!  Gotta love the FM that's just 5 minutes away from me =)

I went Berry- pickin' on Father's was AMazingggg!!!!!!!  I went to Gizdich Ranch to do the good ol' "pik- you- self" =)  I had a blast.  My mom, dad and I picked olallieberries, boysenberries, and strawberries.  Olallieberries and boysenberries are pretty rare for me so I'm excited to use these babies in some way.

I know i don't look my hottest-- Excuse the day dreaming face in this photo =) It was one of the only ones my dad captured of this berry pickin' day on his iphone.

I did, however, use this beauts in (berries) in one way yesterday.  I made a triple berry shake with ollalies, boysens', strawbs, vanilla almond milk (USVAM), and Rainbow Light Vanilla Rice protein. YUM.  I had a couple dates and nuts to accompany the smoothie =)

Dinner came upon me quick, since I had a late shake.  Thanks to Broccoli Hut, I used her newly- posted- recipe of Black beans and sweet potato with peanut ginger dressing.  MAN. It was SOOOO good.  I licked the plate clean.  For a recipe to this amazing dish, simply look on her site, she just posted it.  Black beans and sweet potatoes definitely DO go together like PB&J.

.....Oh, and I wanted to show you an AMazing breakfast I had a few days ago I forgot to post.  Scrambled eggs with 1 piece of goat cheese, shrooms and salsa in a whole- wheat wrap.  I also had a sliced apple and berries with wheat germ.  'Twas fantastic =)

Okay people, I am TIRED.  Gotts' to be there at 8 tomorrow morning.  Comment away.  Ciao


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  1. omg I LOVED bible camp! some of the best summers of my life were spent there!
    haha about your mom...she sounds a lot like mine. also part of the reason i do'nt tell people about mine...its just awkward sometimes.
    ooh your smoothie sounds great! berry picking and your assortment of berries sound awesome!
    have fun at work girl....and what else are you doing with your life? any yoga, surfing, walking? :)