Sunday, July 4, 2010

From crazy to solo

Happy Fourth of July everybody!!!!!!  I hope everyones day went GREAT, whatever you spent doing.  God Bless America :)

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a week or two.  Again, life's been C-R-A-Z-Y with work, appointments and other usual activities. I try to live up to my other fellow bloggers and blog every other or everyday, but working 25-30 hours (or more!) a week, it sometimes just doesn't happen.  Again, please forgive. Also, I really don't feel like I have much of a crowd following my blog.  I don't get much comments or have ANY followers.  I still continue to blog, however.  I just wish I had more viewers and comments like Broccoli Hut or HEAB.  It'll happen.  Someday.  Maybe, just maybe :)

So like I said, lately i've been working a lot.  And since I leave for vacation on Wednesday, they haven't given me a day off since last Tuesday :( NO fun, NO fun at ALL.  And like i've said in previous posts, I work at Gayle's Bakery and Rotisseria and Gayle's is beyond insane everyday and filled with many tourists.  Don't get me wrong, they have the BEST food (if you like butter, cream and cheese....just kidding, although they do have a lot of that) but it's crazy there.  I'm not vegan, although I love began food, but they have a lot of vegan (not A LOT, but some) friendly foods like Mediterranean potato salad (with green beans, sliced potatoes, and tomatoes in a red wine vinaigrette?), fresh corn and quinoa salad, grilled tofu (with the BEST marinade...I'm SO grateful they have tofu, it's the GREATEST), fresh fruit salad, the vegan veggie sandwich (roasted red pepper and cashew spread, avocado, sliced fingerling potato, and sunflower sprouts, my FAV sandwich), and much much more.  Some of my other favs that are non vegan but vegetarian are their steel cut oats in the morning-- I don't know what they make them with other than raisins, but it's so, so good, just like everything else.  It's got a natural sweetness to it that requires nothing-- just blueberries and walnuts which they offer :)  Other favs: Spinach Gorgonzola pasta, Caresse ficelle (fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes on a thin ficelle baguette)....they make ALL their bread for sandwich's and wraps, by the way.  Also, the Christies coleslaw with peanuts, broccoli and Gruyere salad, beets with goat cheese and so, so much more.  I'm so grateful I work at Gayle's.  Although it's hectic 95% of the time, I love  my job, the people, the food, the flexible-ness of it and so much more. I complain about my hours and other things about it, but I was jobless just two and a half months ago, and I don't want to go there again.  It's nice having some money.

So on to 4th of July: I worked 7-3 pm with MANY crazy customers who did not tip well.  That's the one thing I don't like about this job: the customers DON'T tip well.  Why?  Because it's expensive and not a "sit- down- restaurant- style".  We are behind the counters where the food is and we get them what they want to eat, ring up their total and put them in the cashier line to pay.  It's sorta like cafeteria style, but A LOT nicer.  Gayle's is very expensive but the high- quality food.  I love it, although they use A LOT of butter and cream :)

So when i got home at 3, i thought i would be up for going over to our friends house for a BBQ but I simply wasn't.  All i felt like doing was curling up in a blanket and watching a movie, which i've been doing :)  I skipped out on the fourth of July festivities.  Now I just feel lonely and guilty.  Oh well.  It'll be ok.

So i'm leaving for vacation on Wednesday-- I'm going to New York and New Jersey.  My great uncle lives in New Jersey-- He's got a beautiful house with tennis courts, a pool and guest house (mmm, he's a lawyer), and my sis is taking summer classes at NYU so she's going to join us when she's done.  We (by we, i mean my family) take the fairy to NY-- it's just 45 minutes away from Jersey.  Were going for 12 days....quite along time to be away from work and be around my family.  So, not sure if i can blog from there but we'll see.  Stay with me, people, don't leave!

I managed to eat some goodies around all the business.

...Okay people, i've been taking photos for the last week or two since my last post and it won't let me load them!!!!!!!  What the heck, what's going on?!?  

Arg, i'll post them ASAP as soon as i find out what's going on....

What did everyone do for the 4th?

Goodnight and i'm sorry :(  Photos to come


  1. Hi Emilia,
    Found your blog whilst looking for a recipe - can't remember what it was, but glad to have found your delightful blog. Very new. I started blogging last year and didn't receive any comments or followers for a good four months. It will happen, I assure you - it just takes time for people to find you and then like what they see. Ultimately blog for yourself, that is where the real pleasure lies :D

    I'm sorry to read that you didn't get to enjoy 4th of July. Its a shame for people who have to work on such days, that when they get home, they are shattered and just want to rest. At least your having a break now. Enjoy.

    Also Sorry to read that people don't tip well, do you have a little note to encourage people to tip. Sometimes people, especially if they are tourists just don't know.

  2. Definitely keep blogging!! If you love it, your passion will show through and people will find you. And your passion is already showing through, so... just keep doing what you're doing :)

  3. Katie,

    Thank you so much. That's SO sweet of you :). I'm definitely doubtful since my comments are few to zero. But I guess (at least I think) all bloggers begin with the same thing-- did you have little or no viewers when your blog was in infancy stages?