Saturday, August 21, 2010

New York to Tahoe

Good evening (or morning, afternoon....wherever you may be), everybody!

So yes, I know I haven't blogged in like 2- 3 months or something crazy like that.  However, my life has been CRAZY recently, so I have a good excuse as to why. I've traveled from New Jersey- to New York, to Lake Tahoe....and work (Gayle's Bakery) has taken over most of my summer life :-)

I went to New Jersey for two weeks in mid July to visit my Great Uncle who lives in a beautiful estate up there-- with a pool, tennis courts and a lodge guest house.  My family and I also made our way up to NY a couple days to shop, eat and explore the glorious city.  It was an AMAZING trip; I SO wish I could go back.  Vacation is amazing and is one memory away once reality hits.

I also went to Lake Tahoe for four- fun- filled- packed days last week.  It was, too, spectacular.  My family and I and a couple other families camped at a place called Fall and Leaf Lake in Tahoe.  A bit rustic-- I'm not much of camping material, but I had a blast regardless.  Despite the lack of sleep (cold nights and high altitude), hot water, stove, my BED and many other details, it was worth- while and definitely a great experience.  I swam in the COLD lakes, hiked, biked, walked and explored the environment.  I also kept up my tan from back east which I do hope to keep :).

I'll let the pictures do the talking of my vacation (s).  And the food pics will come next :).

My great uncle's pool:)

"Hunter's Lodge"...aka, the guest house

....And a trip to Whole Foods, of course.

Italian food in Jersey.  A must.
(from left) My dad, Alex (my GU friend), My Great Uncle Don, Gale- his secretary (he's a lawyer), me :), my mom, and Gale's husband.

My G. Uncle's BEAUTIFUL home 

The Jersey shore :)

The beach club-- Beaches aren't public in NJ; you have to pay a lot or belong to a fancy beach club. Works for me:)

...."In New Yorrrk, dreams are made of, there's nothing we can do.  Now you're in New Yorrrk, New Yorrrrk."

Now on to a few Tahoe pics...

Fall and Leaf Lake

Hiking on Mount Tallac

I don't know about you, but there's nothing like the smell of pine trees, dirt, rocks and the environment of Tahoe.  That in it's self makes up for the lack of sleep :)

Even though I've been on-the-go most of the summer, I have managed to eat some tasty ol' meals to nourish myself.  Yum, yum.

Some kind of yogurt mess con banana, coco powder, greek yogurt, pb....

Organic whole milk (yes, i like my fat and I don't skim on it); hummus- avocado (thank you, Sabra) sandwich con spinach; grapes; carrots and peanut butter

A snack for me-- don't worry, that's not a meal :)
Grilled tofu marinated in Annie's shitake- mushroom dressing; shrooms and zucc; broccoli slaw

Black beans, onions and shrooms a top a bed of spinach; tortilla chips and sabra hummus; milk

Dill, asparagus, and shroom omelet; toast con PB; grapes

Smoothie con blueberries, banana, vanilla soy protein, US vanilla almond milk and oats

Whole- wheat organic spaghetti with TVP (textured- soy protein), marinara sauce, onions, basil, nutritional yeast and Parmesan cheese; salad with avocado and tomato. YUM.

Hello, scrambled tofu and fruit with wheat germ :)

Organic cornmeal pizza with Parmesan, basil, spinach, squash, tomato and avocado; salad with sunflower seed, beets and carrots; wild, Alaskan salmon (yes, I do eat some fish-- only sustainable and wild).  And yes, Annie's Goddess IS in the background and I DID consume it.  How could I not?

Tofu "fingers/sticks" (courtesy of Broccoli Hut) with ketchup for dipping; zucchini with coconut oil; sweet potato with coconut oil, cinnamon and cashews. DeLish.

Yumers, boy do I love tofu, esp. tofu fingers.  

Ok, the TV is calling my name and I am tirrrred (aka, Giada @ Home).... Goodnight, everybody.  I'll be back soon :)


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