Friday, August 27, 2010

Hi, my name's Emilia and I'm a Whole Foods-aholic

.....But who isn't?  Whole Foods, especially for us "bloggy, nutrition dorks" (in a good way, I promise), is a place of excitement and joy to go to.  For me, it's definitely somewhere I spend a majority of my pay check instead of clothes shopping, spa treatment, vacations or other indulgent activities.  I'm really not joking-- I've been in and out of there three times in the last week.  I get excited when there's new nut butters, new products made by my favorite brands, promotional sales.  

My sister laughs at me and asks why I spend so much of my mula and time there.  Some people just don't get it.   However, us foodies do and so I know I have quite a bit of people out here in the blog world who relate with me :).

Do you feel the same thing-- People just "don't get it"?  The amusement from loving good quality, yummy, whole, natural food?  

While not at Whole Foods or working like madness, I did eat some tasty meals.  

(sorry, bad quality.  I had to rely on my camera phone for this one)
Black beans, white bean guac, sweet potato fries and broccoli over a bed of organic spinach
That's better.
Mondo salad with grilled tofu (marinated in tamari, ginger, sesame oil and gah- lic), eggplant, carrots zucc', summer squash atop a bed of mixed greens and sunflower seeds;  "tortilla chips" (Avorado sprouted wheat tortilla left on the George Foreman too long :); homegrown pear :)

Creamy tofu- pesto pasta with veggies; grapes. 

Thank you, Broccoli Hut. 
Sorry for the HORRIBLE quality again. Another camera- shot.

I baked!  Well, not creatively and spontaneously, but under the care of Chocolate- Covered Katie. Thank you gurl, for sharing your AMAZING, yummy and nutritious recipes con me.  I won't blame you for my paycheck all going to WF, however I can't get away from trying a majority of your recipes.  They're awesome and SOOOO great.  I love putting health into yumminess :).

Tonight I had some free time so I whipped up some "Love muffins".

....And I had one with my dinner tonight-- I couldn't resist trying them.  
Snack time.

"Green smoothie"-- Bananas, handful of spinach, almond butt-ah, almond milk and wheat germ and cinnamon on top; two pieces of toast con peanut butter and cinna :)

 Sweet potatoes, mango, whole made (who- who, NOT canned!) black beans and ginger- peanut dressing; love muffin.
Courtesy of Broc Hut again :)

I also made CCV's  "High- protein chocolate chocolate cake" which isn't pictured.  Click to get the recipe and for the love muffins.  Like I said, it wasn't my creativity.

I just realized HOW MUCH I rely on  some of my fav. blogs to fill my bellies these days.  I just love all of their recipes.  Well done, blogger friends :).

I'm off to bed-- I work at 6:30 am tomorrow morning.  And I'm NOT joking.  

Good night.  And DO comment if your out there :)

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  1. I love both Caroline and Katie - both such sweet girls and their food always looks amazing. I've made a variation of CCK's chocolate protein caked and loved it, and I've got so many of Caroline's hummus recipes bookmarked...I really need to start making them. Everything looks delicious, and yes, I'm a Whole Foods addict, but my wallet is not a huge fan. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!