Monday, August 30, 2010

Two lonely, colorful "sticks"

After reading so many "foodie blogs", I decided to try eating my meals (or at least one!) with chopsticks.  Lunch on that matter.  I made a quick broccoli slaw stir-fry...something that was complementary for using chopsticks :).  I think chopsticks are a GREAT substitution to utensils for eating meals.... Why?
~Practices mindful eating: Enjoying your food thoroughly without rushing through the meal.

I could write a whole essay on why I'd choose chopsticks to consume my food rather than forks or knives (I wouldn't sub for a spoon.... can you picture eating pudding with chopsticks?) but that that reason in itself says it all.  I believe in being intuitive when it comes to eating-- respecting your hunger and full signals; eating what your body truly wants and needs (chocolate, veggies, butter, or whatever); using moderation; and NOT dieting.  For some people, like me...being vegetarian (semi-vegan).... I crave an abundance of fruit and veggies; grains, nut butters, and other fats (lots of um').  And I can't fully be intuitive when it comes to eating when till I'm full: I'm trying to gain some weight and I'm pretty active, so even when i'm not hungry, I still need to re-fuel my body every 2-3 hours.   Going back to using chopsticks.... I DO try to fully taste and enjoy my meal instead of stabbing a fork at my food, shoving it in my mouth and finishing my meal without fully "tasting everything".  I try to do that, but I'm not going to say I do it 100%--sometimes it's SOOOO good I eat pretty fast ;)

Sadly though my chopstick regime did not turn out.  I learned just today I truly don't know how to use chopsticks!!!!!!!  Crazy, huh?  I guess I need some culture added to my life-- using the ole' fork and knife has been a staple to my whole life.  I was quite sad when I couldn't seem to pick up my stir-fry this afternoon.  I SOOOO wanted to use my chopsticks, they were pretty, too.  I may just need a lesson ;)

Have you struggled with using chopsticks, too, but wanted to so bad?...Or is it just me?

I only had a swim class early this morning, so much of my day was spent preparing for tomorrow's classes: math and English.  I cooked up some tasty meals, too since I was home most of the day.  And yes, everything posted was consumed just today, not over the course of the days. :)
Pre breakfast snack before my bike/run, unpictured: Amy's California burger; grapes
    I came home from my run/bike (bike to school, then ran for 35) and had oats blended with soy creamer, strawberries, banana, almond milk and topped with almond butter.  I like to call it strawberry- banana love in a bowl <3

    yum, yum yum it was sooooo yumilicious (I know, I know, that's not a word)

       Slaw stir- fry with carrots, mushrooms and raw cashews added; whole- made luscious cashew milk; carrots and sabra garlic hummus....and the poor chopsticks unused :(  At least I tried!  The fork took over.

I was still hungry since my lunch was pretty light, so I had a bit of a heavier snack than usual.  And it was ALL consumed.  Nom, nom.

   " Brownie Batter pancakes" with banana, coconut butter and peanut butter; grapes, chilly almond milk and Mr. summer squash grilled fries.

Yes, I know the brownie batter pancakes look like "poo"-- they're not as presentable as Katie's, but they were  delicious and that's all that matters :).  Definitely recommend makin' um.  You can get this recipe on her page, the creative juices are not from me sadly.  Yes Katie, I made ANOTHER one of your recipes. You inspire me.  WAY too much :)

Yes.  I made another trip to my infamous Whole Foods to get some goodies this afternoon.  I love my summer produce and sun but I definitely yearning for my winter squash and pumpty- pumpkin :)  So while @ Whole Foods, I ventured to see if the squash was available in- season yet.  To my surprise, it was.  I was pretty stocked.  I stocked up for the next week or so and got spaghetti squash, a mini, plump acorn squash and a Kabocha squash cuz there are some recipes I SOOO want to make with those beauties :)  Expect to see um' all soon :)


    Coconut galore-- I was all out.

     Homegrown goodies-- Heirloom tom-a-toes, white squash....

       .....I went for the spaghetti squash to cook- up for suppa'. 

    ....After it was done cooking and I scooped the flesh all out, I broiled the amount I was going to eat.
    You can see my reflection on the oven :-)

    I made my dinner early and put in the refrigerator after assembling to save for suppa' time.

   I made a Mexican- ohmygoshspaghetti squash version.  I broiled some spaghetti squash with olive oil and oregano; then layered it with TJ's organic pinto refried beans. avocado and sauteed tomatoes.  I also had a salad with pistachios and more (homegrown tomatoes) with Annie's Goddess dressing and had some bouncy grapes on the side.  YUM, it was so amazing.  Thank you again Katie, for helping me-- through your recipe-- cook a spaghetti squash to perfection.  It was scrumptious <3


   Buenos noches. I'm off to prepare for my classes tomorrow-- wish me luck <3



  1. Aww girl, you are too kind to me! I'm glad you linked back to this post, because I hadn't seen it!
    Definitely maximum entries, sweetie pie!

    Oh, p.s. don't worry about the blogroll thing. I don't know how to do it in blogger cause I have a wordpress blog.

  2. Well I'm glad you see it now!

    Love all your recipes, Katie. Thanks for the inspiration from one blogger to the other! :)