Thursday, September 2, 2010

...."It won't be vegan"

 Hello, lovelies!

Sorry it's been a few days since I've last blogged.  I've been quite the busy one the last few days with school starting.  Every time I wanted to blog, I was cleaning up, cooking, getting ready for class, called into- work, yada, yada.....  So I do apologize.  I've had some scrumptious eats the last few days, too, but unfortunately, today my camera went into whack and I wasn't able to catch all my photos.  Just by phone-- ya know, the good ole' phone camera (I'm kidding) ;)  So I also apologize for some bad quality in my foodie photos to come as Verizon camera phone does NOT present the best camera- taking quality :)

School has been ok-- I'm getting through it so far :)  We'll see what I think of it in one, two weeks!  But no, I'm really liking college A LOT more than high school.  No more HS drama, closed campus, annoying people, and boundaries and restrictions that make you feel like your in daycare.  I'm really diggin' the freedom and independence of going to school and getting your work done as a 'mature adult'. My motto, and a lot of other teachers as well, is you either go to college or you just don't.  It's not grade school anymore; you're paying to be there so why not work hard, learn a much as you can, attend class and make the most of it?  It's no use slacking of when  it's your choice to be there.  That's where my motivation comes in to work hard and keep pushing myself.... I enjoy being educated-- one can never learn enough.  And I know I've got quite a bit of work ahead of me till grad. school and a couple years left of GE (sigh), however, i'm getting closer and closer to working on my career as a dietitian (RD) and/ or nurse practitioner.   I'm so excited and although I don't like doing all the GE-- math, arts, and other classes I despise, I know it's putting me on the track to transfer to a four- year university and begin my career (i'm at a community college now-- One of the best in CA!).

After getting home from classes this afternoon, my dad asked me if I wanted to attend an auction dinner my parents won from church at a women's home who attends our church.  She's an amazing cook!!!  I said I'd think about it...and finally got around to saying yes...a bit hesitant since i probably won't be a vegetarian entree....which is usually the case at formal dinners. My dad called up the man who's arranging it and said I'd go and the first thing he said to him is, "well, it won't be vegan....I hope she knows that".  Gee.  Thanks, dude.  First of all, i'm not completely vegan-- I'm vegetarian and eat dairy once a day or so (and eggs sometimes, too).  But I do love vegan food and eat a lot of it.  But you didn't have to judge right off the bat.  I can make due with the vegetables and starches.  

Like I've said in previous posts, some people just don't get it-- At all. That's why I'm glad the whole (well, the ones I follow and read) blog world gets it.  We all have something in common.  But those people out there who have no idea what nutrition is and what happens in factory farms and to animals are super ignorant.  It happened at work yesterday, too-- "NO meat? What?  Put some cheese and bacon in that gurrrl".
Do you experience the same and guilt of being vegan/ vegetarian or being a nutrition dork?  It's definitely NO fun at all to be judged for what you believe in and how you choose to go about your life.

Alright, onto the food...again, sorry about the bad quality on some of the photos....
    Scrambled eggs with lots o' spinach, mushrooms and onion; blackberries; love muffins with coconut butter; "banana agar pudding"

    Pumpkin hummus; veggies; corn thins; apple; homemade chilly rice milk
   "Dryer lint smoothie" that didn't turn out good-- Down the drain :(
    Ginger peanut- tofu salad on a bed of greens, purple cabbage, and raw cashews; blended couscous with Earth balance butter; more ricey- rice milk

        Dinner made up for it.

    A very filling snack.  Didn't feel too well afterwards, but yummy!
    Coconut butter + coco powder on top of spaghetti squash with cashews; strawberries0902001158.jpg
Yes, I know I apologize again for the HORRIBLE quality.
 creamy spinach with tomatoes a top spaghetti squash; two pieces of organic pain de campange bread (from my work!) with buttery spread; pistachios


Walnut- dijon crusted tofu fingers (thanks, Broc Hut, it was fab!); grapes and bloobs; salad with tahini

....My mom walked in the door just as I started chomping away and I snatched her camera to catch a pic of my dinner (it's not as pictur-istic since I started eating already)
    Nom, nom, nom.

Alright, good night everyone.  I'm off to do lovely homework :)!


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