Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Broccoli and ranch"

Good evening, lovelies!

I'm sorry it's been much too long since I've posted-- 8 days in fact!  I'm still adjusting to my school schedule, homework and other activities.  Talk about CRAZY schedule and life-- finally today, I just got to "rest".  School is top priority and my classes are really taking it out of me, so that's where all my time has been going lately.

I've had the last few days off of work, so I've been able to do lots and lots of homework, as well as watch some T.V (you know, catch up on Tivo), exercise, enjoy the sun, eat good food and visit my mom at her school.  My mom's been a teacher for many, many years-- 5th grade-- but for the last 6 years or so, she's gone part- time and done solely "celdt testing", which is testing bilingual kids to see how much English they know and can comprehend.  It was A LOT let stress for her than teaching in the classroom.  But because of those horrible budget cuts that are affecting us all, whether you're in school or not, they took away her job.  No, she didn't get laid off-- she has what's called "seniority-- but rather they gave her a grade to teach.  Second grade on that matter.  Let's just say it hasn't gotten off to the best start so far.  She's not used to second grade, but more the older kids who have longer attention spans, know somewhat what you're talking about and are a bit more mature.

This last Friday I went and checked out "this tough class" to really see how tough they really were.... It happened to be their lunch hour when I got there and I could already tell how little and crazy they were. It got me to remembering school lunches-- oh how I remember thee.  You know, those rubbery chicken-nuggets, pizza in the foil tin, chocolate milk in abundance, bean and what? burritos and so on.  I tell you, those lunches they're feeding those kids, well, I just don't know why :)  You never know what's in or how they're made.  Yikes is all I have to say!  Well, now they have salad bars to go with the pizza, nuggets, milk and whatever's being served-- at the school my mom's teaching at, that is.  Don't get your hopes up too much :)!  As I watched each kid file out of the cafeteria last Friday with NO fruit or veggies (from the "new" salad bar), just their pizza and milk, a slight sadness drew across my face.

One girl, however, did get a few spears of broccoli, but paired it with ranch dressing.  How else would you get these kids to eat their veggies without copious amounts of ranch, ketchup or other condiment?  You simply can't.  My mom, trying to get these kids to each healthier, kept saying to her class during lunch,
            " No salad bar or veggies?  What?!?  That's the BEST part, really, it is!"
            "Veggies are gross, I just want pizza!"  The kids rumbled back.
I don't blame them; when I was their age all I wanted was my pizza pocket and chocolate milk, absolutely nothing green.  However now that I'm into nutrition and see the greatness (not goodness!) of it, I wish I knew more about it at their age.  It could've started a lot earlier-- dang it.  It'd really be nice if kids could be more educated about those kinds of things-- not only about eating healthy, but about recycling, addictions, eating disorders and so on.  I saw a pizza crust in the recycle bin in my mom's classroom-- now those kids REALLY need to be educated on recycling.  I also think if they were educated on health, as second graders they probably wouldn't even take it in since their attention spans are super short and they can't bare to listen to anything for more than two minutes.  Oh whatever, it'll come eventually, just like it did for muah.

Ok, so sadly, my camera is still broken.  I gave it to my fah- jay (father) last weekend and said get it fixed pronto, however I don't think he took me very seriously since he still hasn't done so.  So i've been using my *horrible* camera phone and snagging my mom's camera when she's home, which is not too often since she's at school much of the time.

Here's some food porn and only about a morsel of the amount of lovely eats I've been consuming this week.  Again, i'm sorry.  Should have it fixed by tomorrow.
   A yumilicious breakfast: banana pudding (banana, almond milk, oats, cinnamon, almond buttah) with cinnamon and cashews on top; half of an acorn squash with coconut butter and more cinnamon.
*Courtesy on my mommy's camera*

     Lots of crack in a jar coconut butter, just the way I like it.
    Horrible camera phone-- I'm sorry for the bad quality!  At least I tried :)
   I finally got my hands on some kabocha squash from Whole Foodies and after baked it to perfection, layered a whole half (and those halfs are BIG) underneath a stir-fry salad cooked in coconut oil and garlic with red cabbage (LOVE the color), and broccoli topped with raw cashews.  I also had a glass of soymilk to accompany it.  Nom, nom, nom and NOM!
     I adore the color (I'm trying to use another word besides, "love)  of kabocha squash-- the orangish- yellow color.  It reminds me of autumn:)

    Broccoli slaw made with tahini, curry powder, garlic, chickpeas topped with raw cashews;  creamyyyy barley with Earth balance spread; salad with *homegrown* tomatoes, avocado, sweet and salty pecans and Goddess Dressing aka, crack  (number 2).  
     Greens with tofu, cashews and walnuts, tomatoes and carrots topped with Ginger- peanut dressing; ak-maks; more cashews; grapes.
  Camera phone photo, hence the low- quality.

  SOOOO good-- definitely a good "pre- class" hurry meal:)
    Grilled tofu marinated in Annie's Gingerly Vinaigrette (thank you, Annie and GF); steamed brocc and red cabbage with cashews; salad with tomatoes; pearled barley with tahini. YUM.
  Another wonderful, glorious, spectacular meal-- there's never ending positive adjectives to describe this amazing meal:)

    Last- minute, whipped up taco salad with black beaners, homegrown tomato (their SOOO much better than store bought, by the way.  LOVE the sweetness to them); carrots, cashews (I had not pepita's), avocado and corn chips.
*You can definitely see the quality change-- this, my friends, is my mom's camera :)
   Lunch at Dharma's on my mom's lunch break last Friday-- Lima bean soup (which was amaaaazing); colorful, green salad with beets, sunflower sprouts, carrots and tomatoes and of course whole made tahini- lemon dressing to accompany it and my favorite: Pomegranate kombucha on tap.  Oh, how I love you, Dharma's.  Dharma's is an all- vegetarian, all natural restaurant and I LOVE it so much.  More to come on, Dharma's.

Up- close and personal, beautiful, huh?  I think i'm a tahini whore, by the way.  I can *never* get enough of that dang good stuff.

    Bfast this morning on my way out the door to la farmer's market, this shot is more recent, and as you can see taken with my madre's camera.  I tried Heather's idea of sunny side oats (?) and it turned out GREAT-- thanks, Heather!  Oat bran cooked in water, salt and Earth Balance, top with a whole sunny side egg, basil and hummus (my own touch).  It was so incredibly delish, definitely recommend it. 
    .....And some recent *necessities* I picked up at the great, but oh- so- expensive health food store near my house. Ezekiel pitas, tempeh bacon (which, some of you have really been makin' me want lately); sweet potato, my other favorite and "can't live- without" food; and USV almond breeze.   It's great there-- Aptos Natural Foods-- but very pricey since it's got not chain.  I prefer Whole Foods, Trader Joes or New Leaf since they're cheaper (probably since they're chains and more industrialized).  

Well I'm quite tired, just got back from a raging, crazy "Greek Festival" in my downtown area.  Let's just say I won't be doing anymore Greek dancing, ok? :)

Do comment if you're out there, please? :) Mr. Sweet potato wants you to.  I'm getting a little down that nobody's commenting-- I feel like my blogs a drag, and if so, i'll stop blogging :( 

Goodnight, everyone...i promise i'll be back sooner!


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