Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some utterly distasteful stuff

Good evening, lovelies :)

I'm quite tired tonight-- more than normal-- due to a long afternoon of classes.  Unfortunately, not much relaxation time will occur after I write this post, I must return to working on my online class, college success, then onto math (if i'm still awake).  I'm going to try to stay motivated and only allow myself a half hour for reading blogs and other social- networking websites :).  Much of what the online class i'm taking is about-- college success-- is how to manage your time and goals better in college.  There's many activities, textbook reading, discussions and writing for the chapters assignments and, honestly, I feel pretty hypocritical writing that procrastination is bad, etc.  As I do quite often and CAN'T keep myself to "an hour a day" of social networking.  I do finish all my assignments, however.  I just procrastinate quite often.  Ehhh, that's what schools about-- procrastination and being hypocritical in your defense :)

So, I bought this new kind of cottage cheese at Whole Food's a couple days ago-- Nancy's Cottage Cheese.  I've been trying to find a new, thick, organic, natural brand of cottage cheese that I like.  Many of the natural brands of CC I buy have a thin, milky texture that I absolutely despise. Like Trader Joes, for instance.  Their cottage cheese is the milky texture that I do not like-- almost the consistency of kefir. However, I won't buy the high- sodium, preservative and additive cottage cheese that is thick, but not naturally, but because of all those additives, such as, Knudsen's.  Now that is some thick, but terrible tasting cottage cheese-- and high sodium, too!

Back onto my Whole Foods, cottage cheese story.... Out of Clover Organic (and non), Whole Foods organic brand, and Nancy's cultured CC, I choose Nancy's.  I'd never tried Nancy's Cottage Cheese before, so I gave it a shot.  The ingredients were pretty short and simple too, just cream, milk and lots of probiotics and cultures, which sounded great to me.  However, having it as a snack the next day was not so excellent.  It had a sour, weird, funky taste to it--thereafter I quickly checked the expiration date to see if it had passed.  Nope.  To make a long story short, I took it back to Whole Foods and traded it in for another brand-- Whole Foods organic brand.  The cashier at Whole Foods said there's a lottttt of probiotics in it, so that could be the reason for the sour taste....however, it didn't taste just sour or like cottage cheese whatsoever.  I eat plain, sour greek yogurt sometimes and it was nothing like that taste.

Stay away from Nancy's if you can....you'll save your money, time and taste-buds :)

Have you ever not enjoyed a food product that you thought you'd enjoy-- if so, which one?

Ok, now onto the non- sour eats.....

    Savory breakfast: "Whole Foods brand" cottage cheese with cinnamon, Ezekiel pita, cashews, tomato, and grapes.  Verdict on WF brand CC: Consistency I don't like, milky :(  No sour taste, though, so i'm still going to eat it.

   I had a nourishing, protein packed (bulgar has quite a bit of protein for being a grain, which many do) meal before I left for my afternoon classes-- Stir-fry salad (cold) cooked in apple-cidar vinegar and garlic; bulgar with Earth Balance; apple and almond butter; homemade coconut milk (thanks, Heather!)
    (sorry it's blurry!)

      Mmmmm, blended bulgar

   Then, when I returned from classes, I whipped up a big batch of Caroline's peanut butter chili-- it was so hearty, yummy and perfect for a windy night. "Ecept I added some fresh cilantro, avocado and pistachios on top-- my own twist :)

....A few pics from yesterdays meals, however my dinner and breakfast were whipped out since my mom's camera ran out of juice and she still hasn't charged it-up.  But we finally got my camera fixed ahem being able to take pictures of my food pics from today (above).

    Lunch from yesterday....

    Massaged spinach and carrots with miso, lemon, garlic and stevia with cashews on top; homemade coconut milk (yummyyy); grilled zucchini fries; ezekiel pita sammie with whole food's brand peanut butter :)  It made for quite the tasty meal-- I do love Thai/ asian food!

....And a snack after dinner, which was avocado bisque and sauteed tahini kale....
     Oat bran cooked in "whole made" coconut milk, ginger and cinnamon, topped with coconut butter (my secret love in a bottle).  It made for the perfect evening snack.

I'm sorry I don't have dinner and bfast pics from yesterday-- my dad brought home my fixed camera right about 8pm, which explains why I was able to take a pic of my evening oat-bran.  Lunch pic was taken on my camera phone...talk about horrible quality.

Well, i'm off do some writing about time management and better setting your priorities.  It's been more than a half hour ;)


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