Sunday, September 12, 2010

Smells of Sunday evening

It didn't take me a week this time-- only a day :)  I'm quite proud of myself.  This weekend I didn't work at all, which was very nice.  I got to work on homework more, rest, cook and actually enjoy my weekend.  Today was cold and foggy, which isn't unusual for where I live (Santa Cruz is always pretty foggy since it's along the coast-- cold water and air, you get the picture), but August and September are our warmest months of the year.  It has been really warm out recently-- high 70s, 80s, but the last few days have cooled off with the fog coming in.  It was a very lazy day on my part-- got some homework done, went to church, cooked up some yummy meals and like I said, just relaxed.  I didn't even go out for a run this morning, or let alone do much exercise, which is unusual.  But it's ok to not exercise a couple or even a few days during the week-- you're body needs a rest :).  Finally after preparing my dinner, I went on a quick forty- five minute bike-ride around town.  I was going to give myself a "day off from exercise", however I wanted to do something, so I went for a simple bike ride.

Riding around suburban neighborhoods, I smelled my favorite smells-- basically, I smelled "Sunday evening smells''.  Dinner cooking, last- minute laundry, lunches being packed..... It got me missing going to elementary, junior high and or high school.  Now that i'm in college, I don't have my parents making my lunch, doing my laundry, cooking my meals (however, I enjoy making my's fun to me), etc.  I do miss that feeling though-- the "getting ready for the school week feeling". I do still live with my parents, but I do most of my own laundry, all my cooking and so on.  And I do attend college, but my classes are scattered doing the week, different classes on different days, and it's quite different than high school.

Alright, enough of the cheese-ness-- let's get onto the food porn, or whatever you'd like to call it :)
   Breakfast consisted of the rest of the kabocha squash I bought from WF, pureed  however.  I pureed it with lots of cinnamon and some almond milk and topped it off with almond butter, wheat germ and more cinnamon, just the way I like it.

     It was SO sweet, with no sugar or anything added-- just love. <3

    Lunch consisted of a grilled pita sammie with tempeh bacon (i put it to good use today) and lemon hummus; I also had a salad with greens, mushrooms and home-grown tomatoes with Annie's gingerly vinaigrette.  I could NOT get my hands off that sammie, or "pitty", I didn't want it to end :)!
     Hummus + bacon (tempeh bacon, that is)= amazing

    For dinner, I made Caroline's kidney bean balls with tzatziki, I also had some chips with leftover lemon hummus from lunch.  Twas quite a tasty supper.  

I'm off to get ready for the week....goodnight :)

Please do leave a comment, I know theirs people looking at blog, so I'd really appreciate if you you could just leave a little somethin'.  It doesn't have to be fancy or long, just to let me know you're out there!  I feel so lonely and like my blogs a drag :(   Despite that, I still love writing it. 

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