Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Hip to the not-so-hop"

Happy (almost) Monday, everybody!  I'm sorry I've been idle since last Thursday-- when you hear what happened to me you'll understand why, until now, I have not had the patience or energy to write a post.  So my apologies.

At the conclusion of my morning run last Friday morning, my poor, poor foot twisted in.  Yep, that's right-- I've got a "twisted foot/ ankle (it's not really my ankle, however, so I choose to say my "inside foot" got hurt).  Luckily, I wasn't miles away from my house or anything, but right in front of it.  I slowly hopped to my grassy lawn when I hit the ground in a matter of seconds.  And yes, I started sobbing, as I knew what I was in for: a hurt, disabled foot.  And what did that mean?  No running, biking or let alone doing much for a few days to a week.  I had a class an hour after my foot-accident and boy is there A LOT of stairs and walkways on my campus so let's just say it wasn't the fondest walk up to class :)

Friday was overall TERRIBLE-- I had to drive literally three minutes to school...I usually actually always bike to school... and call in work sick for that afternoon I was scheduled to work.... and the worst part, which is REALLY hard for me to do: Sit on my butt (sorry to use such specific language) ALL day watching movies, icing my foot and basically doing nothing.  No exercise, no social or work life, NOTHING at all.  It made for a sad, sad day.  Never in my life have I EVER injured any of my bones, except a minor rib fracture last year.  I've really never known what it feels like to injure a part of the body that's muy importante, which for me is my feet-- they take me everywhere!

Yesterday, I was again scheduled to work, and although my foot was better, it would still be hard for me to work since it still hurt to walk.  I decided to suck it up and try to do my scheduled 8-hour shift (!), quite worried it would make it worse though.  There's a lot of walking back and forth in my job!  I got through 6 hours of it, then I had to talk to my manager to let me go home.  Yesterday no exercise either-- I did do a few ab exercises, however--if you've got no workin' feet, why not work the abs? :)

Today it's better-- slowly but surely my foot is healing.  It was a very nice day today in good ole' Santa Cruz-- 85 degrees or so, for that matter (which is hot for SC if you're wondering).  I was able to swim as I was definitely exercise deprived-- yes, two full days of no exercise makes me deprived :)   I have a swim class manana so besides the exercise, I wanted to see if I was able to swim.  Turns out I was-- and I did for about forty minutes--and layed out, can't miss that-- but it still hurt to kick and I couldn't do my norm speed.

I hope it's A LOT better tomorrow-- I have classes, work and other events that I need to use BOTH my feet for :)  Do send good wishes that it'll heal completely very soon.  I'm really grateful it's about 10Xs better than Friday as I could barely stand on Friday.

Have you ever broken, sprained, twisted or fractured a bone?  Was it hard for you to not "do your norm"?

Despite being crippled and lack of exercise the last few days, I still did have my raging appetite. I'll show you a few pics as I didn't snap them all....

   Breakfast before work yesterday: 1/2 C. oats cooked in water and topped with an over-easy egg, basil and hummus-- lovely and as per a recipe Heather shared.

    Lunch Friday (which I made in literally a second as it hurt to stand on my feet):  Pita stuffed with leftover baked tempeh, vegan majo, avocado and lettuce; apple with PB; cucumber and almond milk.

    *My appetite doesn't go away, even when I'm crippled and can't exercise--weird, huh?  It seems like I've been more hungry laying around than on my feet all day.

   Dinner Thursday, before my foot injury: Greens topped with white bean and black bean "burgers" made with hummus, oats, and veggies topped with organic ketchup; polenta.  It was SUCH a tasty meal-- when I could cook longer, that is :(

   Bfast this morning (I know, none of my meals are in order here): "PB&J" smoothie with almond milk, strawberries, peanut flour (my NEW find at TJS, I love it already), stevia and xanthum gum; topped with shredded coconut and wheat germ.

   Dinner last night:  My favorite comfort food, scrambled tofu with spinach, onions and shrooms; sweet potato with coconut butter :)

  A snack: Yogurt with honey sesame cashews (another TJ find, as per Caroline), shredded coconut, banana and a *little* bit of coconut butter...oh, and cinnamon :)  LOVE that combo

   Dinner tonight, which was beyond-amazing: Baked (a little too-baked, as you can see...haha, I just made a joke and I didn't even realize it.  Get it, "too baked"?) acorn squash stuffed with zucchini, onions, white beans and A LOT of oregano.

With that, I bid you goodnight.  I'm going to have a snack....can you guess what it is?  Yep, sweet potato, that's right :)  Gots to get lots of rest to heal my foot and for my swim class manana!

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