Friday, September 3, 2010

Cut, burn and dirty- up....oh my!

Today, while cooking my breakfast, lunch and dinner, I managed to do all those three things-- Cut, burn and dirtied up.  Not fun and presently my tongue and finger (s) are in pain.

I got up late this morning, and I had a class at 9 am, so I whipped up a quickie bowl of piping hot apple oats con almond butter.  I was hurrying SO much that I managed to burn my poor, poor tongue on the piping hot apple oats.  They were sure yummy, but my tongue wasn't too happy afterwards.  Oh well.
....That explains why there's no picture of breakfast-- I was one hurrying girl!

When I got back from my one class, I started prepping lunch-- chopping and grilling veggies and a CA veggie burger.  I, again, managed to cut my finger just a tad.  Blood came out, but it wasn't too bad :)  Then, when the veggies were ready to come off the grill, I touched it too fast and my fingers got a tad burned.  They actually didn't hurt that much (not as much as NOW, after dinner, that is).  Lunch remained to be delish despite my mishaps...

Then din, din came along and the real problem started.  I was chopping, boiling, broiling, food- processing, blending, mashing (yes, ALL those things, I was quite the cook tonight)....and while getting out my done- acorn squash out of da' oven, my fingers slashed the hot pan they were a top of.  OUCH.  It hurt SOOOO much.  A pan right out of a 400 degree oven is definitely NOT fun to touch.  Don't recommend it :)  While mashing my chickpea salad, somehow the fork I was mashing with fell on my pants and stained them.

As of now, my fingers hurt badly....VERY badly.  I'm not as much of a clumsy cook as you think-- I do know (some) techniques, safety and have a deep passion for it, however today turned out to be just "one of those days"...those ones that ended not very fun.  Any recommendations how to ease a burn (other than drugs)?

Also, after reading all these blogs-- people who cook daily, like is just me, or are those mishaps part of cooking?

I did manage to eat the food that caused unfortunate events to my body.  And it was quite yummy....
Lunch: Creamy, buttery (Earth balance) polenta; Amy's CA burger a top spinach and grilled veggies; greeny grapes.  This was a green meal, green eggs and ham, anybody?
   I LOVE the yellowy- corn color :)

Dinnerrr: Acorn squash soup with raw cashews a top; chickpea salad wrap (this one totally burned my little finger as I pulled it out of the broiler!); mashed broccoli
Yum-- It was so delish, thank you Broccoli Hut for the recipe for acorn squash soup and mock tuna!

Goodnight-- Long week at escuela, I'm now off to watch some "Giada At Home" (food network) so ease my tongue and finger ;)

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