Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do blondes REALLY have more fun?!?

I know, stupid title-- it really has nothing to do with my post tonight.  However, it does have to do with a random, stupid obervation I made today while in math class.  No, I didn't enquire an blondes today who have more fun, rather I made my own stupid, blonde observation :)

The last few days in Santa Cruz have been STEAMING!  It seems like our summer has finally come-- In Santa Cruz it usually doesn't come till August and September as those are our nicest monthes.  Weird, huh? Yesterday was a record braking temperature since 1970 [!!!!] of 105 degrees.  Unfortuanetly, I didn't make it to the beach since I had lots and lots of homework...and my foot was bothering me since I went to my swim class yesterday and we worked a lot on dolphin stroke :)  Anyways, us Santa Cruzians have really had an indian summer the last few days-- I just wish I could make it to the beach!

I couldn't even concentrate in english and math today--in fact, in both of my classes today half the class was missing.  I suspect they ditched class and went to the beach.  There was NO air conditioning in either of my classes today and everybody was sinking in sweat in their chairs, including muah.

You know what I thought of while on my break from math?  Maybe schools aren't in session during summer and winter (the main, long breaks) due to the extreme weather occurrences.  Possibly superintendents, college presidents...or whoever schedules the school breaks.... etc., aren't just arranging time off for the means of a "break".  It's probably so students aren't so distracted by the extreme heat (ahem, sweating and not listening), coldness from snow, hail, etc!  Extreme temperatures REALLY make it distracting and make students really not want to learn.  For my college, I'm thinking whoever schedules our breaks should make school start in October, when fall really comes.

Okay, okay, I'm done with my random observations.  But doesn't it sound like a dumb blonde observation?  I sure think it does :)

Do you make any funny and stupid observations ever?  

I DID think a lot today, but I also devoured some scrumptious meals while at it.

Oh, one more observation I made today, but it's in no way surprising: I eat nuts in at least every meal, including snacks. But that's no weird observation, it's actually quite normal for those of us foodies who love anything nutty!

   Since I finally bought peanut flour--which everybody's raving about on their blogs-- I decided to make Serena's oatmeal peanut butter waffles!  I topped them with almond butter, cinnamon and roasted banana.  I also had a glass of coconut milk.  They were indeed yummy and moist, but when I was deciding what topping to put on my waffle, I forgot that there already was peanut flour in the batter, so I topped it with almond butter.  Who says you can't have two nut butters at one meal ;)?

    Mmmm, don't you want waffles now?  You SHOULD make them :)

    For lunch, I was craving a big ole' bowl of roasted (& raw) veggies.  So that's indeed what I made.  I roasted zucchini and carrots in the oven then sauteed some shrooms and kale with coconut oil and garlic.  I added some raw spinach, almonds and honey sesame cashews to the mix.  I also had Katie's "3 ingrediant alfredo soup" on the side-- except I used coconut milk when making it, which was sweetened a bit with stevia, so it was a bit savory and sweet.

     So extremely creammmmmy!

   I was in NO mood to cook when I got home from class at 5, so I quickly made another salad.  A greek salad, for that matter.  It consisted of carrots, tomato, roasted red pepper (except, I roasted my own pepper-- it was not out of a jar), artichoke hearts, goat cheese and hummus.  Greek yogurt with pecans accompanied the salad :)

And my Clean Eating magazine came [!!!!!!]. I've only been waiting 2 months since the last magazine.

 And no, I don't get it for all that diet and loose weight crap. I am in NO way, shape or form trying to loose any weight.  Simply I get it for their yummy recipes and insights on eating natural and healthy.  Do ignore the "flatten your belly" and instead fix your eyes on the "Clean Eating", that I do believe :)

Well, I'm off to do some textbook reading on "how we learn".  Goodnight!


  1. Aww thanks for the shout out :).
    I'm so excited you made the soup! Also, lucky girl to have a subscription to that mag. I just can't rationalize getting another subscription, because I already subscribe to way too many magazines! So I have to be content reading that one at the store. Enjoy it for me ;).

  2. Thank YOU for all your amazing recipes and tips-- all due to your creativity.
    It definitely makes me happy inside and out :)