Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going with the flow

Currently, well for some time now actually, I'm trying to be much more "in the moment" and "going with the flow".  That's oneeee hard thing for muah to do :) Stressing about the future, or wishing something didn't happen from the past is just NOT helpful whatsoever.  I've had family members, friends and acquaintances just tell me, "relax, it'll be ok" since I'm so nervous much of the time.

That's what I'm trying to do today-- Not worry about my math exam next Tuesday, despite my teacher being a negligent, self- centered, and overall bad teacher :) Be grateful that I had *somewhat* of a good day, the sun is out and shining, I'm well fed, the WEEKEND is coming up, etc :)  Feeling nervous, or bad won't do anything-- they're just feelings-- but doing todays work and focusing what I have in front of me is what I should do.

Do you worry about the future much and not just "go with the flow" of what's happening today? I know I sure do and am definitely trying to change that....currently, as you can see:)

Despite today being CRAZY with classes and stress, I got in some tasty ole' eats.....mmm....

    I hadn't had any overnight oats for quite some time, so i plopped my concotion in the fridge last night. It consisted of plain Fage greek yogurt, old fashioned oats, ginger, cinnamon and a bit of coconut milk.  In the morning, I topped it with coconut butter (my true love), more cinnamon and some frozen raspberries.  It made for a yummy breakfast--can't go wrong with coconut and oats!
    Before going on a run, I had a little snack of some protein ice cream.  I did Nutribiotic chocolate rice protein, xanthum and guar gums, almond milk, lots of ice, stevia and salt. Recently there's been a lot of talk about this amazing stuff, however it doesn't work very well with my blender since I'm vitamix-less :(  The ice doesn't blend very well-- my blender doesn't like protein ice cream.... Sad, I know.
    I kept chewing on ice-- not very much "ice cream"-- I want a vita mix!!!!
    I wasn't too hungry for lunch, but I know I need to eat, especially when I burn calories in exercise.  I had a simple stir-fry with kale, lots o garlic, zucc' (farmer's market fresh!), and shrooms.  Then the best part: A sweet potato with peanut butter (Whole Foods brand, to be precise, which is pretty tasty).  I also had a glass of plain old WF rice milk.  I can always save room for veggies and sweet potatoes :)

    Lots of green-- I try to get all the colors in my day of eating

    And a beautiful shade of orange:)

   After classes, I came home and cooked up a simple ratatouille with red bell peppers, carrots, TVP, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, celery and nutritional yeast atop; I also had a salad with homegrown tomatoes (they're SO sweet and delicious) and pecans drizzled with Annie's Goddess....and two slices of Gayle's whole wheat bread with avocado.
Tasty, but very filling meal.  I guess you'd call this the "red meal" since lunch was the "green".

Alright, i'm off to do some more online homework.  Wish me luck in just goin' with the flow and not stressing :)



  1. I find that if I don't make an effort, I'm absolutely never in the present.

    Lately though I've been going to a meditation group a few times a week for 23 minutes sessions. Just less than a half hour is enough to really make me a lot more aware of my thoughts throughout the day and bring myself back to the now.

  2. Chelsea,
    That sounds great-- I, too, love meditation...keep it up:)

  3. What type of meditation do you do?

    I'm still relatively new to it, but I (not very strictly) focus towards the zazen technique.

  4. Oh, just my own-- no fancy, specific type, just mindful medition on my own :) It's my favorite!