Thursday, September 23, 2010

A cashew walks into a "jar" and meets a sesame seed.....

Yep.  That's right.  If you're thinking what I'm thinking, then you're thinking of Artisana's new "Cashini Butter".  All it is what I call love in a jar: Cashews, sesame seeds and sea salt :)

Like I said in my last post, I was welcomed with a little package from Artisana upon getting home from class.  I was SOOOOO excited-- I knew the package was coming, but I just could not wait to tear open that box.  Upon opening it,  I found 10 assorted nut butter squeeze packs (love um-- already had 3 of um'), a 16 oz. jar of their new Cashini Butter and last but definitely NOT least, 8 oz. jar of my favorite coconut butter. 
*One pack is missing, as I couldn't resist before I snapped this photo.  Macadamia nut butter, to be exact*
And since I snapped this photo, I also tried the walnut and cashew.  And of course I've already made a pretty big dent in the cashini butter-- I love it!
*Please excuse the water glass and foil in the back :)*
I know this picture is blurry, but I'm trying to give you a picture of how much of this glorious new Artisana creation I have already consumed...and happily, for that matter!

I do love tahini-- there's no shame in that.  However, you can't really eat it by itself, like you do nut butters.  It's a bit strong and bitter tasting eaten on it's own, but mixed into things like amazing hummus (my favorite tahini add-in), dressings, stir-fry and other concoctions, it tastes good.  It's SOOO nutritious, too.  But I'm not talkin' about tahini today, although I did receive a tahini squeeze pack from Artisana.  I'm talking about the new creation, Cashini Butter.  It's NOT bland, bitter, or over- the-top tahini tasting.  It's super creamy--and not chunky or bland like some raw nut butters.  Upon first bite, you fall into taste bud love :)  The creaminess of cashews added with the sesame seeds makes a wonderful combo.  I would probably not make a PB&J sandwich with it, as they say on the bottle that it's a "great PB substitute", however I would make my a hummus- cashini butter sammie.  

The nutrition facts are another perk, along with the taste, to this creamy, luscious nut and seed butter. It's got a whopping 5 grams of protein for two tablespoons, along with many omega-3s and healthy fats.  Also, for two tablespoons, you get 4% of the RDA for calcium and 7% of the RDA for iron!  Sounds like some pretty awesome stuff, and that tastes good too :)!

I've enjoyed this nut butter already in many ways and am very excited to use it more in the future!

Oat bran cooked in almond milk, ginger and cinnamon topped with more cinnamon, shredded coconut and Artisana's Cashini butter.

Topped on a lovely sweet potato, eaten alongside black beans with onions and broccoli with greens.

In a omelet with avocado, alongside cornbread with TJs raspberry preserves and OJ.
*Not my favorite combination :(*
Topped on whole-made cornbread with avocado alongside lentil soup and veggies.  Now this was a rocking combo-- try it!

The combination possibilities are endless!  Do let me know your ideas-- the best ideas with receive a couple squeeze packs in the mail.  Simply leave a comment of your favorite combo, or if you haven't tried this crack in a jar, write what you think would go good with Cashini Butter.  Do this by next Tuesday (9/28) by midnight.  Can't wait to see what you offer up :)!

As for the coconut butter they also sent me-- only 8 oz., though--well, let's just say i've enjoyed that amazing Artisana concoction in MANY ways.  It's no new butter to me.  Me and Mr. Coconut Butter have long enjoyed each other :)

On top of overnight oats with cinnamon and raspberries.

Straight up with a whole- wheat pita
A top some kind (?) of smoothie mixture with Tjs raspberry preserves.

And SOOOOO many more ways that I have not captured because I couldn't wait to suck in the goodness of that stuff!  

I <3 you, Coconut love butter.
It's SUPER good for you, too!  Omega 3-- all natural, healthy fats.  Yes, there's a lot of saturated fat, but it's the good kind, not the "animal kind".  Fiber, calcium, magnesium and lots of other good amino acids.
The squeeze packs were all-- all the ones I've tried so far, that is-- incredible, too!  Similar nutrition facts and wonderful tastes, as everything with Artisana's butters and oils.  Thanks you SO incredibly much, Premier Organics, for sending me the samples of your nut butters to try.  I love them all and their all SOOOO me.  You've created just what I need, love and want-- on a daily basis.  I'm excited to continue to use your nut butters in many ways, shapes and forms :)

I leave you with a picture of dinner from last night, as this post is all devoted to Artisana :)

I made cajun spiced tempeh with creamy grits from Vegan Soul Kitchen.  It was really good-- a bit too peppery for me-- but overall it made for a tasty supper :)  I had a salad with the last (*tear*) of my homegrown tomatoes!  Oh well, tomato season is over and no onto fall (ahem, pumpkin and winter squash).

Again, thank you Artisana.  Hope you have a lovely rest of the week, lovelies :)  Be back soon.


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