Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Currylicious Meals....

Just like pumpkin, coconut, chocolate and my other foodie obsessions currently, thai fare is definitely up there....  Not sure if it's the curry, the coconut or what, but I just have been on a roll with Thai food recently!  Check out my previous posts for examples and recipes of the Thai obsession :)

Last night was a quick whip- up using leftovers and veggies I had on hand....

Chickpea veggie curry over quinoa (thank you, rice cooker!)
I'm not going to lie; twas' amazing.  One of the best Thai meals I've cooked up yet.  Not to worry, I'll show my steps on how resulted in this delicious meal I devoured.

Using these ingredients (most leftover) plus lots of veggies, I started my dish....

I first sauteed 1 clove garlic, 1/4 of an onion, broccoli, zucchini chickpeas (2/3 cup) and ginger together till soft.
Along with 1/2 teaspoon curry powder, ginger powder, chili powder, and garlic gold, I added 1/2 can of diced tomatoes (no salt preferable)
I brought the mixture to a boil, then simmered with lid on for about a half hour.

I also added a smidgen of this amazing stuff-- Tahini :)

Results after a half- hour of simmering on low heat

I also put a my qunioa on in my handy-dandy rice-cooker:

Turned into a fabulous meal.

I also made more of my Thai Harvest Soup a couple nights ago for my mama-- she and I both loved it, once again!

Using the leftovers from the soup, I made a tasty lunch out using it as a sauce/ dressing!

Quinoa, roasted veggies, and leftover Thai Harvest soup.

Looks like poo, but I promise you it's not :)

Yes, I eat a lot.  Trying to gain weight on a vegan/ vegetarian diet takes a lot!

Off to dinner with my mama-- enjoy your night :)


  1. looove the Thai food!! and adding quinoa to the chickpea curry is a great idea!