Sunday, October 31, 2010

$6.00 dollar oatmeal, I think so!

Yes people, that's the price I'm willing to pay for my poor ole' oatmeal I  so do adore.  This weekend I've been up in San Louis Obispo for my dear cousin's wedding.  It was amazing- we partied and danced the night away.  Not to mention the decorations, too-- oh, they were so beautiful!  But the food, well, that hasn't been on the top of my lists.  I've had to give up my veganism (I'm not fully vegan, but I do eat pretty vegan) and healthy eating for the last couple days.  It's been HARD-- let's just say eating Chipotle, horrible omelets, and ranch dressing salads, etc hasn't been the easiest.....

But despite, the wedding was amazing, and that's what I came for.

The gorgeous bride and her father....

MARRIED- Holla :)

 The reception was held in the "barn"-- so cute how they laid it all out.

The amazing sweets area.... cute, huh?

The tables were so well decorated....

My cousin and I sporting the camera

If my camera wasn't taking a million years to load photos, I'd post many more!  Stay tuned... :)

....And some of my low- quality, not- so great eats...

An omelete with cheese, peppers, and spinach; potatoes.

Remind me to NEVER order an omelet at a hotel again...let's just say that was they best thing at the buffet :(  I definitely missed my oatmeal...

But I got some this morning!  Not so great, but it worked.  I jazzed it up with some chia seeds, raisons and sunbutter.  It wasn't no oat bran, but it sufficed my oatmeal craving just a bit.  Finished every last bite!

And of course, I brought some snacks to hold- me over since the veggie protein options around here are little or none-- well, we just haven't had time to find good places.

Nuts, sunbutter and 100% dark chocolate (dunked in the sun butter!)

Heather, I know you'll enjoy that snack ;)

Alright, I'm off to take a walk along Shell Beach then do some shopping, THEN return home!! :)  More pictures, details and my normal posting later!



  1. Good morning,
    I found your blog while looking for SunButter recipes. As a SunButter blogger, I enjoyed reading that SunButter travels pretty well and appreciated the photo of the nearly empty, well-loved jar of SunButter. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Elizabeth-
    Yes, I've heard that- that's why I brought the jar with me on the trip! Then again, I can't live without any sort of nut/ seed butter for more than a day :)

    Thanks for reading my blog, by the way!