Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin seed or plastic?!?

Happy Friday, first off :)

Second off, I made some REALLY tasty coconut granola last night....

Thank you so much Healthy Coconut for the inspiration-- I LOVED the granola, so coconutty.  I can't get enough as I've been munching on it all day.  When making it, me being a major- over the top coconut lover, added coconut mana to the mix, lots of it.  It gave the granola the perfect, velvety touch.  I skipped the agave, as well.  Yum!

I added it to my breakfast: Peanut protein-ice cream with double coconut- granola atop.

The granola was fabulous, no doubt about that-- But I had a incident with my Vita this morning while making the protein ice cream.  While using the tamper piece during blending, the tamper got crunched in the blade.  Not the whole plastic tamper, but just a big chunk of it got torn off.  Sad, both that I damaged a part of my new Vita and that I had to throw away perfectly good protein ice- cream....

Well, not all of the protein ice-cream. Yep, that's write, even with pieces of plastic from the torn tamper, I tried to consume my blended concoction.  I though, "I'll pick out the little pieces of plastic.  There's not very much in there, anyway".  I thought wrong-- there was  A LOT more bits and pieces of plastic tamper in my ice-cream than i thought.  Every time I thought I was chewing on a pumpkin seed or almond, it was plastic.  Yuck.  I had to throw away 3/4 of the protein ice- cream.  It was more like "plastic ice-cream".  I do love my Vita, but I sure don't want to cannibalize it :)

I sure hope I don't have any more mishaps with the Vita.  Not to worry about the tamper piece, I immediately called Vita and had them ship another one, of no charge.  I'm scared to make ice cream on it or any ice/ frozen fruit concoctions.  I hope nothing bad happens again!

After digesting plastic and going on a power walk, I made some lunch...

Veggies and tofu cooked in garlic, coconut oil, ginger and  soy sauce and tahini; sweet potato with coconut butter.

I do love you coconut, I do, I DO! :)

I spent the afternoon running errands and shopping away with my mom at the mall.  I'm making a couple care pacakges for a couple friends, so Bath and Body Works it was.  Grocery shopping and smelling it up' would definitely have to be two of my favorite activities :)

I came home late so I made a quick, colorful salad: 

Arugala and spinach with leftover bsquash, tomato, goat cheese, sunflower seeds and olive oil.

I'm off to finish my care packages-- Goodnight loves :)


  1. I'm glad you tried the granola recipe and liked it. I've been snacking on granola every day this week. I top my oatmeal with granola, top my yogurt/fruit mix with it and also my thick smoothies that I eat with a spoon.

    Love all the coconut items on this post. I have a feeling our pantry might look similar with all the coconut items we buy.

  2. Lea-- I didn't like it, I LOVED it-- can't get enough of it for that matter. Thanks so much, your recipe matched exactly what I wanted and love: coconut, nuts and low sugar :)

    I'm glad you share such a love for coconut as I do! :)