Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When life gives you butter, make butternut squash!

Today was a "no good Wednesday".  Which is odd because usually Wednesdays are good days-- the week is halfway over and it's my off day for classes.  That wasn't the case today for the most part.

I know, funny title, but I thought it was witty and had to do with something I cooked up tonight.  Butters not bad, just like lemons aren't-- Again, no pun intended :)

It started of with getting called into work this morning.  I thought on a Wednesday morning-- which is usually a slow day as since it's a work day-- they wouldn't call me in. I had a lot of homework to get done today,  and other important stuff to do.  I ended up only having to stay four hours, but still, it was not in my hopes to go in today.

Then, after my hourly morning swim this morning, I was eager to take a hot, long and steamy shower in the women's locker-room.  It was FREEZING this morning, albeit the 45 degree temperature outside.  Once in the pool, I was fine as I'm constantly moving, but getting out is a different story.  Usually, once I get out of the pool, I run to the shower in eagerness that it's hot.  I found out this morning that you can't rely on college locker room showers to suffice begin hot.  They were COLD once I turned on the shower-- Which left me more freezing and angry.

Oh well, that just meant I rushed home to take a hot, steamy shower in the pleasure of my own home.  Before going back to work, that is.

To top it all of, I got a bad sore-throat tonight.  Wait, I though I'm still in the midst of getting over a cold. I couldn't possibly be getting a relapse.....  Lemon tea and Emergen-C to the rescue.

I can sit in doom and gloom and be negative about today's outcomes; or I can simply except what happened and move on.  Although I'd like to choose the first option (which I considered in every bad experience), the second would bring much more fruit and happiness.  I can have gratitude ad mist the negative:

--I'm grateful to have a job as SO many people in todays economy don't and are heavily searching.  Even though it doesn't pay very well, it's something.

--I'm lucky to have a pool to swim in so I can do a different kind of exercise than biking, running and walking.  There's always home to take a shower at, even if the locker room showers were cold.

-- This too shall pass; you won't be sick and down forever.

Sigh, I think I feel a bit better now after getting that all of my chest :)

I enjoyed some tasty eats today, despite my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  And yes, I continued to "play" with my new Vita, two times today, for that matter.

Before swim, I made a quick green smoothie-- spinach, almond milk, hemp protein, vanilla stevia, almond butter and banana.  Nothing too fancy-smacy, just quick and healthful.

I was at work during lunchtime, and only working 4 hours, I didn't get a free lunch.  So I packed my own-- A sunshine burger sandwich with avocado and mustard and veggies.

Sadly, when I returned home, I made quite a delish pumpkin-coco-pb shake, but I forgot to snap a shot of it.  It consisted of pureed pumpkin (not Libby's), peanut flour, coco powder, almond milk, coconut and cinnamon.  It was SO good.  That Vita--man, it makes one amazing concoction once you put in your ingredients :)

Upon returning from the math center (where they offer free tutoring-- so amazing), I roasted some veggies and added some leftover couscous, honey sesame cashews and laid them atop greens.  It was yummy for being put together in 7 minutes!

I planned on making coconut butternut squash soup for dinner-- but being out most of the day, I had no time.  There's always tomorrow!


I've had a fatty bsquash laying around for quite some time.  I finally got to slow-roasting it tonight.  With some coconut butter, that is.  

Some of the results-- Which I savored as a snack after dinner.

Can I just tell you-- It was SOOOOO good!  Cook your bsquash with coconut oil or coconut butter!

I used this new one which tastes like a hybrid between coconut oil and coconut butter:


 Mmmmm, it added the perfect buttery touch to the squash.  I added--because i add nut butter to everything-- some almond butter a top.  Heavenly.

I'm off to do some homework and get some rest.  Ciao for now.

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