Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She's here :)!

That's right-- My very own Vitamix is here and happily safe and sound!  It only took one day to ship, as I ordered it over the phone yesterday morning.  I was so happy and surprised to come home from class at 5 pm to see Mrs. Vita on my porch.  I thought the beauty wouldn't arrive for a week or so, as that's what the estimated arrival was.   Oh what a surprise it was :)

I am not sad one tad that Oster the blender broke; she lived a happy life and it was her time to go.  Without the collapse of Oster the blender, I would not have Mrs. Vitamix currently. So, thank you Oster, you did well.

10 Speed, ahhhhh.  

And you better bet your-bottoms I used it already-- and I was very happy with the results :)  I'll get to that later...

Prior to the Vita coming, I concotated some tatsy meals.  Once it did come, oh that was another story.  I love playing with my new toy Vita :)

I've been long out of oat bran for a few days, so I just used some good ol' Quaker rolled oats as I was craving oatmeal.  I cooked it in almond milk and cinnamon then topped with some fresh raspberries (local-Driscoll Farm, represent!), and almond butter.

I picked up a can of Amy's Black Bean Chili while at Whole Foods the other day-- per Katie's recommendation.  I roasted some veggies (with olive oil and sea salt) to accompany the black bean chili. It was yummy; thanks so much Katie for recommending this high-fiber, high-protein product, love it!

When it came to dinner, I got creative.  I was hungry, cold and tired when I got home from class at 5 pm.    And I also caught glimpse of my new Vita; I was thinking of just having "protein ice-cream" for supper, but I neglected that-- Ice cream later, dinner first.  I wanted something warm first, especially some veggie  "meatball" soup.

First, I sauteed minced garlic, onion, carrot and zucchini in olive oil till soft.

Once cooked, I added a tad of some spices I enjoy-- Paprika, chili powder, cayenne (just a dash), garlic powder and salt and pepper.

Then, I added a cup of veggie broth (I just used half a veggie cube which I dissolved in hot water) and brought the mixture to a boil.  Once boiled, I added 5 (pre-baked) meatless meatballs. 

Then, I added a 1/4 cup of whole-wheat couscous-- you can use any whole-grain, though.  I added a cup or so of water since the couscous absorbs liquid.  Add as much water or other liquid for desired thickness.

Simmer the mixture for 5 minutes till couscous is cooked and veggies are soft.

It was indeed very yummy and hearty-- And me being impatient, I dug into the soup and quickly burnt my tounge.  Note to self: Wait 5-10 minutes before consuming anything hot, especially soup or oatmeal :)

Rounded out with a side salad con pistachios and woodstock dressing.

....And what do you think I had for dessert?

Why, protein-ice cream, of course!  Oh man, it was SO delicious.  It made a big serving and I didn't think I could finish all of it, but ends up I did.  What can I say, I love ice cream :) 

No creative-ness for the protein ice-cream tonight, just used Heather's recipe as I didn't want bad results on my first time using it.  I've got a lot in mind though!

I love it so much and am SUPER excited to get creative with new recipes on the Vita.  I have so many in mind, but so little time!

Goodnight lovelies, I must get some rest for swim manana :) xx

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  1. So, it WAS the blender! So glad you upgraded to a Vita - I know they're expensive, but if you're anything like me, you will definitely get your money's worth. Also, so excited you finally got to taste a good batch of protein ice-cream - amazing stuff, no? Oh, and I always eat the whole batch at once. No shame! :)
    P.S. I always burn my tongue on hot meals...never patient enough to wait.

    Have a wonderful day!