Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Magical Wonders of Mr. Black and Decker

As I've shared in the last couple posts, I finally got a brand new rice cooker!  I've wanted one for quite some time--and no, it's not a modern, over-the top kitchen gadget like the VitaMix or anything, but for me it's done wonders in the last few days.  My mama was ever so kind to buy me one last weekend at Macy's, cause hey, it was on sale-- Why not? :)

If you don't already have a rice cooker-- or whatever name they may modernly call it-- you should get one! They are amazing; they've changed my life in the last couple days.  Well that's a lie, not my life, but more the delicious meals I've had on my plate.  For me, cooking rice or any other grain (I love grains, too) is a very tetius task-- one that sometimes prevents me from cooking grains.  But Mr. Black and Decker, Rice Cooker Plus, has proved me wrong.  All you do is just put in the grain--for every 1/4 c. add 1 cup water-- liquid and any other spices, turn it to cook and wah-lah, it does all the work in no time for you.

This morning--thanks to my new, fab rice cooker-- I enjoyed a good ol' bowl of steel cut oats.  And man, can I just tell you, they were AMAZING!  
Into the mix went:

3/4 C. Steel Cut Oats (I made extra for my mama)
3 1/2 Cups Water
2 large cinnamon sticks
More ground cinnamon
A bit of nutmeg

Then I topped mine with flax, fresh blueberries and of course, almond butter.  

It was glorious, people, just divine.  It tasted like the way grandma used to make it--thick, luscious, cinnamoney with a big touch of love :)

Another rice-cooker creation I had in the last couple days was my thai- curry barley


Made with coconut milk, curry powder, ginger, zucchini and kale.  A meal in a matter of 20 minutes.

I just love my new rice cooker-- I makes life a million times easier for me as I don't always  have very much time to cook lovely, nutritious grains.  Now I do with the magical wonders of Mr. Black and Decker :)

Have a good Thursday, lovelies!  xx


  1. We have a rice cooker but never use it for some reason. It's so easy though, we need to use it more.

  2. Hey I just ran across your blog-cute!

    I love the whole almond butter+blueberries combo! Especially on oatmeal :)

  3. Tina--
    Rice cookers are the BEST. I do recommend taking yours out and putting it to good use as it does wonders when you're short on time! I love it :)

    Alex--Thanks, I'm trying to spiff my blog up more, it's getting there! I'll totally be checking out your blog VERY soon :)
    Agreed, bloob + almond butter is my fav. combo, esp atop piping hot oats :)

  4. Nice blog - found you through HEAB. A rice cooker? Can you actually cook soups and other stuff in it as well? I've heard so, but am curious...

  5. Eatmorelove--
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I'm going to start self-hosting my own site some [!!] and it'll be done in about 3 weeks, i'm SO excited.

    Yes, good question. You can not only cook rice, but steam veggies, cook oatmeal- I cook steel cut oats all the time in it. You can also make stews and soups-- just place all the ingredients in, close the lid and set your timer! I haven't yet cooked soup in it, but i'll definitely try soon!