Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring....

It may have been raining all day here in Santa Cruz, but not here in blog-land.  I have some exciting news to share.... (drum-roll)

    (View from my porch-- pretty, huh?)

I'm going to start self-hosting my own site-- it'll be done in about 3 weeks!  Thanks to Zesty at Zesty Blog Consulting, I'll have my own new- and improved Namaste Gurl site.  I'm super amped as I've never hosted my own site.  But I'm tired of my plain ol' design and what blogger can offer.  I want what many other foodie bloggers have done with there sites, self-hosted them.  ZBC has helped out many foodie bloggers with their sites such as Heather Eats Almond Butter, Broccoli Hut, Kath Eats, to name a few.

Stay tuned for my new and improved "Namaste Gurl" site-- I hope it turns out amazing, as I'm sure it will considering the work of Mr. ZBC.

It was rainy and cold all day.  Well I guess that means Fall has "officially" arrived here :)  Seasons come very late in Santa Cruz--where I live-- Summer doesn't come till about August, Fall in October, and so on.  Ehhh, at least we don't have snow here :)

                                          There's some Fall coming, can't ya' see?

My lovely vegetable garden welcomes fall as there's NO more summer veggies left :(

Todays eats consisted of fall-type meals-- comforting, spicy and warm.

I woke up hungry and craving pumpkin oats, so that's just what I had, again

Pumpkin oats topped with walnuts and cashews; homegrown apple

The apples my tree produces are SOOOOO cute.

I had hoped on going on a bike ride or walk before church, but that didn't happen.  Often when it's rainy and chilly I'm in no mood to do anything but shop or stay inside.  

Lunch consisted of a colorful salad of spinach, goat cheese, fresh raspberries (raspberries in October, I'll take it!), almonds, avocado and cucumber all misted in balsamic vinegar; crackers.

I did math literally all afternoon, non-stop.  I came home pretty famished and roasted an acorn squash that'd been yelling to be cooked :) :

Acorn squash stuffed with garlic-y veggies; chickpeas

I thought this picture was funny because you can actually see the steam rising from the hot squash :)

The squash wasn't very good, to be honest.  Me being impatient and hungry, I kept peeking while it was cooking and finally just pulled it out prior to it being cooked.  Note to self: Don't eat uncooked squash, it's not very yummy.  I felt like I was scooping clay from the ground trying to get the flesh out of the rind!

I'm of to do yet more math homework.  Have a good Monday :)!

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