Thursday, October 7, 2010

No OATS in Germany?!?

That's right-- I've just recently converted a person to my healthy, but yummy concoctions.  It was not an American for that matter, in fact she speaks very little English.  It was indeed no other than a German :).

Over the past, we've been having a couple from Germany stay with us who are visiting their daughter who's doing a ministry program through our church.  I thought it was just a few days, but no.  Nine days promptly; which at first when I heard I was a bit (actually A LOT) disappointed since I had to share my bathroom, living space, house in general and more importantly, my food.  I'm one of those people who "must- keep- everything- clean, pretty and smelling good".  So it's been hard sharing my space as their in the guest room right next to my bedroom.  French smelling (abeit, bug spray smelling) perfume definitely isn't on the top of my list of favorite smells.  Nooo, I'm exaggerating a bit, their overall pretty clean and kind people.  They clean up their messes and try to be quiet, but it's still such a hard thing for me to have people stay with me whom i've never met.

Over the past few days, however, the German women who's staying with us temporarily, Sabine, has been eyeing my cooking.  Through broken, but hard-trying English, she communicated to me that she really enjoys vegetarian food and cooking.  The other night I was making a bowl of creamy oat bran before bed and the two quickly came over and observed what was in the pot.  They thought it looked good and had never seen such a thing such as what we call "oats".  And tonight, I was broiling the rest of my leftover spaghetti squash along with some Mediterranean veggies in olive oil.  Again, she came over with awe and LOTS of questions.

"...Spaghetti squash, that's what it's called. It comes from a winter squash called spaghetti squash" (said I)

"Spa-ghe-tee squ-ash?  I never heard of such thing, we don't have in Germany"

"(Laughing) My cooking is REALLY weird and different.  I don't eat like many people who are my age, rather, very healthy and whole.  You've probably never heard of many of the foods I eat and cook with such as coconut butter (my secret lover.  Noooo, I didn't say that to her), Annie's Goddess dressing, hemp fudge, chocolate butter and the list goest on.  That's ok, I'm a bit weird in that way :)

"Ohhhh, my kids in Germany would never eat my healthy food I make.  I do wish though."

Our evening conversation sounded a bit like that. Curiosity, curiosity and more curiosity.  Tonight, she didn't even eat the German food my parents made for them, as a special occasion.  When I walked into the living room for a snack at about 8, she came up to me and asked me about that "porridge you make".  I couldn't entirely understand what she was saying, but my mom got it: She wanted me to teach her how I make oat bran!  I said yes in a minute-- I love showing people new yummy and healthy foods, especially my fav, oat bran.
Sabine (on the left) next to my parents (mom in middle, dad on right).  

And that's just what I did tonight, I gave her a step-by-step tutorial of how to make creamy, amazing, and delish oat bran--my style.  I did the whole melt the banana trick at the end, showed her what milk I use--unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, and last but def. not least, topped it with good ol' almond butter on top.  
She LOVED it and ate every last bit--and she's a small eater so that says a lot.  She wants to take some almond butter, oat bran and nuts home with her to Germany, as they're very expensive their.  I'm going to take her to the local, but expensive health food store and show her my favs-- I'm super excited!  Yay, I love when people love my cooking and foods and start incorporating into their own lifestyle! :)

Have you showed any friends, family members or acquaintances your favorites foods and recipes?  Did they love them, if so?

Here's a couple meals for you while I'm at it:

A fantastically, amazing, tongue lovin' meal (stands for FAT).  

Today, I devoted lunch to be a "fat love" meal.  I had an omelette wrap with avocado, goat cheese and fresh basil.  MAN was it SO good, definitely recommend the avo-goat cheese combo.  I also had some sauteed spinach in garlic and a coconut oil (generous amount) and a leftover sweet potater (made with coconut oil) topped with a bit of almond butter and of course, cinnamon!

I tell you people, fat makes your taste buds SUPER happy and leaving you satiated and undeprived.  Even though I get a good amount of fats at every meal, I just wanted to show a meal solely devoted to my favorite fats: Coconut, nut butter, and avocado.  I'm not one for eating a lot of eggs, one or twice a week is enough for me, same for cheese. But I do incorporate it into my diet for the occasional vegetarian animal protein.  And I DON'T skip on the fat when I eat eggs as well-- no egg white omelettes for me usually.

Sorry, the quality of this picture is poop, but I was hungry and inpatient!

Dinner was just something I quickly threw together: Leftover broiled spaghetti squash with roasted tomatoes and artichoke hearts atop; cinnamon-spiked greek yogurt with pistachios; spinach salad with bloobs and cucumber dressed with a rice-wine vinaigrette.

Pretty, huh?

And to lovely Sabine, I devote this picture of oat bran to you, or as you say it "baby food porridge"

Alright people, I'm off to do more homework and answer more questions from the German.  Au revoir :)

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  1. aww how sweet! sabine sounds like a super nice lady! has she taught you how to cook any German food? ooh you should get mini German lessons! (i think it's awesome to have a working vocab in several languages because it just opens up the world of traveling so much!)
    also, on the topic of eggs, i've just started eating them again, but i found out that the yolk has 4g of protein and vitamins and minerals while the white has only 3g protein and not much else in it! So whoo to eating whole eggs!