Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Curry-licious Meals....

Hello all,

Hope you are having a great week.  If you're not, like me, look at it this way: We're halfway through the week, with tomorrow being Wednesday :)  For me, however, the weekend isn't much to look forward to, other than work, being that I work ALL weekend.  Yep- Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Well, at least I can look forward to a good paycheck :)

I felt pretty lousy the last couple days--today, however, I feel a bit better.  Just a little more myself, progress not perfection, as they say.  Yesterday I laid on the couch all day--you know, catching up on movies, attempting to read magazines you haven't had time to read.... and so on.  I didn't even feel well enough to study and do my homework, let alone do anything active!  Today, my cold was a tad toned- down and I was able to take a bike- ride and go to class.

I was able to cook yesterday, despite feeling at my worst.  !  By three pm, my creative juices started spilling out and I decided to make a colorful meal for my mom and I, which I'll show later.....
Most of my meals recently have been Thai/ curry laden and not purposely!

For a mid-day snack yesterday, I whipped up some pumpkin-chiaseed pudding using the rest of my canned pumpkin.  I spiced it up and added tons of cinnamon atop and walnuts.  Twas' good.  Thanks Gena for the inspiration!

When I went outside to get the mail--taking a break from lovely, A Walk to Remember, I found a package sitting on my porch.  A box from NuNaturals, that is.  

Thank you SO much NuNaturals-- I'm so excited to further experiment with all these Stevia varieties :)

As per my short story above-- I whipped out my new rice cooker, glass pan, etc and started cooking away.  I stuffed two whole peppers, cut lengthwise and filled them with barley, chickpeas, carrots, curry powder, onions, garlic and golden raisins.  Then I plopped them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. 
MAN were they good.  Even my mom, who's not big on vegan food was quite amazed.  They definitely did the trick!
BAD quality, but you can still *somewhat* visualize how amazing they look.  Colorful, huh?

Props to the newly rice-cooker (Black and Decker brand, to be precise) that my mom bought me--On sale at Macy's, holla!

Lunch today included more spontaneousness....
Using  up some of the leftover barley, made on the Rice Cooker, I put 3/4 C. barley and 1 C. coconut milk back into the rice cooker with some curry powder and ginger then when it was cooked through, I added chickpeas (also leftover), kale and sauteed zucchini and let it warm under to rice cooker.

The results?  AMAZING-- oh my goodness, I can't tell you how yummy that concoction was.  I accompanied the thai- rice with the rest of the sauteed zucchini and an apple with cashew butter.

I do love barley; however, I cook with it very rarely.  It's SUPER nutritious, too, so I don't see why I don't.  Well, it's definitely going to be making it into more of my meals now that I have a rice cooker.

I think I should move to Thailand, knowing i'd fit in there quite well food-wise :)
For dinner, I used the rest of the TJs Butternut squash soup I broke into a couple days ago when sick.  This time I jazzed it up with some more curry powder, ginger, paprika and TVP.  Yes, I don't like to eat soy a lot ask it gives me gas and upsets my stomach, but once in a while yes.  I had some mixed veggies cooked in coconut oil and a piece of Gayle's whole grain bread with coconut butter. Yum.

Alright, I'm off to get some homework done and catch up on emails!  Goodnight, lovlies :) xx

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