Friday, October 1, 2010

There's no use in crying over spilled "wheatgrass"

Good evening, lovlies :)

I'll make this quick as I just got off of work and not only am I utterly tired and sore, but I need to finish some homework that's due tomorrow night!  I wanted to at least post something for today.  I'm really trying to be an "accountable blogger"-- I'm doing better, aren't I?  A week or two is much too long to be away :)

Before I started work at 3 pm today, I stopped by my fav., local health food store to get a sssh-moo-thee (smoothie), New Leaf.  Scanning the local, all organic, and VERY expensive isles while I waited for my blueberry-spirulina-hemp- and flax smoothie to be made, I came across a women who was giving samples of "only the best and raw wheatgrass".  Typical, she asked me if I wanted to try a small sample of the amazing, vegan, raw, organic wheatgrass she was selling.  I'm not one for drinking wheatgrass everyday, as I don't at all like the taste of it, I rather get in my spirulina through Spirutein, Vega, or other protein powders, etc, that taste good :)  I accepted her sample, and drank it down.  I continued to look happy even though I didn't really like the taste.  All wheatgrass that's raw tastes the same, I'd be nice to find one that tasted delish without any added sweeteners or crap.  Anyways, we got into a whole discussion, further than just talking about how good wheatgrass is for you.

She kept telling me the benefits of wheatgrass.  And I said, "A ha.  Yes, I know, I know..."

But once she found out that I knew a little more about nutrition then she had suspected a typical 18-year old from knowing, we got chattering about the good stuff.  Once I told her I make my own coconut milk from just a can of concentrated coconut milk, water and a bit of soy letchin granules, she got amazed.  Then I beat her to the bunch on what are some great sources of protein, vitamins and overall nutrition. We were mostly talking about seeds and powders, not beans or tofu :)  I mentioned hemp, how wonderful nutritionally speaking it is for you, though it doesn't always taste the best :)  Then chia seeds--lots of protein, calcium, fiber, and MUCH much more.  She told me along with wheatgrass, I should take a "sweet supplement"-- that being, in her opinion, bee pollen.  I've had it added to my smoothie before at various organic smoothie bars.  But never have I bought it.  Then we talked about coconut-- the saturated fat in is, but it's not bad SF, it's actually very wonderful.   And this is coming from a raw, vegan nutritionist...

I love being "right" and often knowing more than some professional people who think they know SO much, but they really don't.  Doctors are a good example of that, as they don't know squat about nutrition and benefits of foods.

Do you ever feel like you're "more right" when talking to someone professional, who thinks they "know it all"?  It's funny getting into long, deep discussions with them and seeing who knows more!

I went on one simple walk yesterday, I can still bike and swim, not as much as usual, but at least I can still do some exercise without my beloved running :(  Unfortunately, I woke up this morning in more pain-- it felt as if my foot got worse this morning that it has been.  It must've been due to my walk yesterday, biking and swimming don't seem to hurt it too much.  I was hoping for a lot more progress in a week for my foot to heal.  That explains why I went to the doctor before work this afternoon.  Turns out no fracture, break or abnormality, just probably a tear in the tendons.  Poor, poor foot; I do hope you get back to normal soon!

I did eat some tasty meals while hoping around everywhere today.

  I woke up STARVING since I didn't have a snack before bed last night.  My ravenous appetite never seems to go away, exercise or not :)  I put my Hemp Protein to use again this morning, and instead of being too bitter tasting, it was the opposite: too sweet.
I made a smoothie with 1/4 C. Nutiva Hemp Protein (unsweetened), 1 packet stevia, 1 frozen banana, lots of PB, almond milk and cinnamon.  I topped it with coconut and had a piece of my moist cornbread with coconut butter.  And no, that's not crumbled goat cheese on top, although that would've tasted good!  The smoothie was much too sweet; the banana or just the stevia was enough to alone to sweeten the smoothie and get rid of that "dirt" taste from the hemp.  Oh well.

I love when what I drink is "green"-- it makes me feel so much better as to what i'm drinking down :)

   For lunch, I quickly made a kale salad with kidney beans, honey sesame cashews dressed in a bit of Annie's Gingerly Vinaigrette and some avocado and lemon juice massaged in.  I also had a sweet potato, massaged in lots of coconut oil and cinnamon.  Sweet potatoes make any meal BETTER!

No pics of dinner, as it was spent at work.  I just had a big plate of various veggies-- my work puts together some wonderful vegan and vegetarian salads!  I often bring my own protein, though.  There's not a lot of protein sources for veggies.  I slathered some of my steamed veggies tonight in Artisana's tahini butter-- it was quite delish.

I came home after work--at 9:30 pm, to be precise-- and made my self a quick snack as I was hungry yet again.

Warm cornbread with almond butter and chia seeds a top warm, cinnamon almond milk.  I wanted a sweet potato, but I didn't want to wait an hour for it be cooked, then burn my tongue again like last night :)  It was pumpkin cornbread to the rescue!

Well, I'm off to do homework or to bed...we'll see.  I really am a good student; it's just been a longgggg day.  xx

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