Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home for Holla- ween!

I just got home after a 3 hour car-ride from San Louis Obispo.  Man, can I just say I'm SO incredibly tired. I also have a terrible headache and I can't distinguish whether it's because of lack of sleep, water, healthy foods I'm used to, or just over all tired from the crazy, busy weekend.  It sure was fun- as I said in my last post- but I'm definitely hitting the sack early tonight :)

Happy Halloween, by the way!  Unfortunately, I didn't plan to dress up or do any festive activites.  I knew I'd be tired coming home from the wedding, so I just planned on making it a low- key, peaceful night :) Who wants to spend money on a costume they may never wear again, anyway?  Sorry to be the party- pooper.

Anyways, I came home tonight intending to take a long beach walk or run, but that didn't happen.  I was much too tired and out of it to do anything, so I respected my body.  I did make a quick, yummy salad though.

With the help of this guy I found at Costco the other day, I made a quick avo- Mediterranean mix...

Greens with avocado, roasted red pepper hummus, goat cheese, mushrooms, yellow pepper and organic tortilla chips to accompany.
Not the prettiest salad, but I blame it on my incompetence tonight :)  And how I'm going to finish that RRP hummus beast, well, let's just say there'll be a lot of hummus dishes to come!

Mmmm, fats and veggies, how I missed you :)

To start off the holiday season, egg- nog ice cream, anybody?

Protein ice cream made with homemade almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, pumpkin, and avocado- topped with dark chocolate, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds.  

Recipe for Egg- nog protein ice cream:

1 Cup non-dairy milk of choice (I did whole made almond)
1/2 t guar gum
1/3 t zanthum gum
1 t cinnamon
1/4 t ground cloves + nutmeg
2 heaping spoonfuls of pumpkin puree
1 heaping spoonful of avocado
15 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients in a VitaMix blender, or other high- speed blender.  Top with favorite festive toppings and enjoy :)

Not much of a Halloween lover, but I'm SO excited for the holidays to come!  Have a lovely night, everyone!

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