Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colors, colors everywhere!

I managed to have a *somewhat*  better day today.  Besides getting in a bit of fight with my madre and going to classes, smooth sailing.

I attended a challenging 90 minute vinyasa yoga class this morning before school.  I love the teacher-- what makes a good yoga class really depends of the likelihood of the instructor.  I can't stand easy-peasy classes where the instructor just works on mindfulness and stretching.  While both of those are great, and that's a main reason I love yoga, I'm there to work out, not work out my mind :)  Brittany, the yoga instructor, relies heavily on a cardiac- vinyasa workout.  It's not an easy class, however you can go at your own pace.

Upon getting back from the intense, but relaxing yoga class, I made myself a big, colorful salad....

Greens with (leftover) butternut squash, avocado, tofu, and almond dressed in a ginger peanut dressing.

Look at that beautimus mix--orange, white, green, red!

Dinner was just leftovers and a quick salad.  I was in NO mood to cook when getting home from classes at 5 pm.  To top of all off, my mom and I hit it off a bit.  That's the problem with still living at home while in college-- Because you're still learning who you are, you clash in difference with your parents.  It's hard; we fight a lot about our similarities and differences.  I do love them both deeply, but I'm definitely getting ready to leave the nest soon.  It's been much too long at home.  But that's a whole other story for a different post :)

Leftover black bean chili with avocado, salad with veggies (dressed in honey, olive oil, nutritional yeast and sea salt) and bread.

Nutritional yeast is a good addition to salads!

I'm off to do some overly-procrastinated homework!  Goodnight, lovelies :) xx

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