Monday, October 4, 2010

A Deep Fog Of Mistrust

Hello, fellow blogians!
(Is that even a word, by any means?  I don't care; I like it and I'm keeping it!)

Where have I been all weekend?  Oh, just working, resting and more working, that is.  I really did not have any time for myself this last weekend, and if I did, I would be on blogging the minute I could :).

Anyhow, like I said, my weekend was filled with plain old work at Gayle's, not homework, although I did do quite a bit of that too.  My foot is STILL hurting and I STILL can't run or do the many walking activities I regularly enjoy doing.  It's sad--and yes, I've already cried through it :)   However, I still can bike and swim, which I've been doing since I take a swim class at school twice a week and bike to school, but still no running yet.  I don't want to hurt it more.

I suspect my foot hasn't made as much progress due to being on it at school and work this past week.  I didn't "RICE" it a lot--rest, ice, compress, and elevate; therefore it's been a slow recovery.  It could be also due to not wearing very supportive shoes when I'm on my feet for long periods of time.  You can't get in trouble for trying to look cute, right?

I worked Friday and Saturday this past weekend and I was supposed to work 2-9 on Sunday, but I called in sick due to wanting to rest my foot some before the upcoming week, which expects a lot of my poor little foot.  I had also called in sick not this past Friday, but the one before--the day I hurt it.  I feel SUPER bad letting down my work as they have little trust in anybody who calls in sick for the day.  There's so many young, college-aged people who work with me that the managers rarely believe anybody who's ill.  When I called in sick again on Sunday (yesterday), I could totally deceive the tone in my manager's voice: Untrustful.  All she wanted was a doctors note.  And since it's not broken or fractured, rather I probably pulled a tendon [!!], and I look fine when I walk, I'm still in  utter pain.

That goes for almost everything in life: We may not know the pain, misery, suffering etc of peoples lives and problems, but we must have compassion through it.  It makes me so sad that people can just say "oh, sorry, I hope you feel better" or "ouch, that must hurt".  YES, it definitely DOES hurt--SOOOO much.  And yet, half the time they won't believe you because you look "fine".  I limp a bit-- not as much as last week--but the way I walk has nothing to do with the pain.  Just like someone affiliated with horrendous cancer (sorry to give such a strong similarity...not in the disease, people!  No need to worry); they may look fine and try to put on a happy face, but really their burning inside and don't want to show the world their pain.

Do you have similar situations in life where people just don't understand or believe what you're doing through?  

Oh foot, I do miss you ever so much and hope you return to normal quite soon.  Yes, I do personify my feet :)

Alright, enough with the ooy-goey-ness, onto la eats!

I did catch a few photos of mi comida (food) even though I was "on my feet" all weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up hungry so instead of doing my ab exercises--well actually, let's be honest, since my hurt foot I haven't been doing any early-riser exercise :(
Anyways, I made a pumpkin-corn-almond-blueberry parfait using greek yogurt with pumpkin and cinnamon added, crumbled pumpkin cornbread, blueberries and almond butter.  SUCH an amazing combo, I do recommend.

  *Excuse the quality, as my camera busted out of batteries just as I was about to click the photo :)!  Hence me using my camera phone...

I've had a spaghetti squash laying around my kitchen YELLING to be used, so that's exactly what I did Saturday night, after work that is.  I broiled some spaghetti squash with olive oil and s+p, then added some organic marinara sauce and topped it with a few meatless meatballs and basil.  I also had a spinach salad with walnuts and golden raisons.  I do apologize for the horibble quality again, as I depended on my camera phone yet again.
TJs meatless meatballs were just ok, a bit salty and processed. I wasn't going to buy them, but I was a bit curious to try them since someone else in the blog land reviewed them.  I wasn't too dandy about the 15 or so ingrediants in them, some of which I haven't heard of.  Well, know I know.  Oh, and I'm not too fond of soy, I'm trying to cut it out of my diet a bit.

 Sunday morning, I woke up to chilly weather-- I really think fall has officially hit Santa Cruz.  Well, good bye, Summer :)!  All I wanted was something pipping hot in my belly before heading to church, so I made a big bowl of luscious oat bran.  I topped it with some hemp fudge and almond butter.  I had some melon on the side, too.  And no, not all that melon was for me-- we have guests from Germany currently, that was for them :)

  I planned on having a dense protein-rich bfast before swim--Which I DIDN'T go to, sad face-- but when I learned I had to work at 10 am, and my class didn't end till 9:20 plus showering, I put swim to a halt.  I ate my yummy bfast despite going to swim, as I rode my bike later.

I made Heather's Flourless pizza crepe with tomato paste, goat cheese, eggs, 1/4 tsp. baking powder and fresh basil.  It was super delish Heather, thank you for the idea!  I accompanied my single serve pizza pizza crepe with a sweet potato with cashini butter which was quite tasty, as always.

  It was very delish, but a bit heavy for that early in the morning.  Next time, I'll opt for less sauce and cheese-- I go crazy with those two sometimes!

           Microwaved sweet potatoes are not NEARLY as good as baked ones-- My fault.

I was at work for lunch, so I just packed a simple black bean salad, you can't go wrong with that!  No snap shot of that.....

   I was still SUPER cold by late afternoon and wanted something comforting.  I went for lots of sauteed veggies, in coconut oil and garlic, that is.  I had some leftover broiled spaghetti squash, too!  

I'm off to to compose an essay defending my glorioussss phone :)!  Later, lovelies. 


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